Jack Baker Character Profile [Resident Evil 7/ RE7]

This page contains a detailed character profile of Jack Baker in Resident Evil 7.

Jack Baker


Jack Baker is the patriarch of the Baker Family, and a resident of the Dulvey Haunted House, an allegedly haunted property in the southern US state of Louisiana. He owned the Dulvey Haunted House along with his wife Marguerite until their mysterious disappearance around 2014. Their actions have led their neighbors in the community to believe that the Bakers have abandoned their home. Some have ascribed the haunted nature of the property to the occasional appearances of its former occupants.

Jack appears to have been responsible for the murder of members of the production team of the TV show Sewer Gators, as revealed in the videotape that Ethan Winters discovers inside the Dulvey House. Jack also attacks Ethan Winters, and drags him inside the house as he was trying to leave it.


Jack appears to have a brutal, abusive relationship with his son Lucas. In one scene, Jack slashes Lucas’ arm at their dining table after a disagreement. It could be deduced that he treats his wife much the same way. He also seems to be cunning, predatory and prone to sadistic acts of violence, as he attacks Ethan with a shovel and a club wrapped in barbed wire.


Jack displays skills in stealth and hunting, as seen in how he ambushed Ethan when the latter was trying to leave the Dulvey Haunted House.

There are also indications that Jack has superhuman strength, endurance, and regenerative abilities. This allows him to sustain severe injuries without resulting in death or incapacitation. It is possible that the reason why he and his family vanished from their home is connected to the reason he has these abilities.

How to Beat Jack in Resident Evil 7

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