Halo Infinite - Bassus Boss Guide

Guide on how to defeat Bassus in Halo Infinite Campaign Mode. This includes the boss enemy's weapons, attacks, and recommended battle strategies.

Halo Infinite - How to Defeat Bassus Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat Bassus in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite - How to Defeat Bassus Boss Guide

Bassus is a boss enemy faced by Master Chief in the Campaign Mode of Halo Infinite. The boss is encountered during Mission 5: Excavation Site.

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Bassus Boss Information

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ weapons, gadgets, and minions:

Bassus Details

  • Weapon: Gravity Hammer
  • Gadget: None
  • Minions: None
  • Rewards: Gravity Hammer

Bassus Boss Setup

Here is a breakdown of the battle preparation against the boss:

Recommended Loadout

  • Primary Weapon: Shock Rifle or Disruptor (Shock), Dynamo Grenades
  • Secondary Weapon: Skewer or any Power Weapon (Power)
  • Gadget: Grappleshot

Bassus Boss Strategies

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

Maintain distance while dealing damage

The boss uses a melee weapon called Gravity Hammer as his main arsenal. Take advantage by dealing damage from a distance. However, take note that the boss will increase its speed as the shield drops. This is why Shock weapons are a must in this battle.

Use the Grappleshot to move away quickly

You are fighting the boss in the tight space so it’s challenging to evade his hammer at the beginning. What you can do is to lure him away from the control room to the bottom room of the bay using the Grappleshot.  Then, move towards the upper platform beside the control room and let the boss catch up by running on the ramps.

Use Shock weapons first

Keep using the Grappleshot method and damage the boss first with Shock weapons. This will counter its increasing speed over time due to its deteriorating shield.

Finish off with headshots using Power weapons

Once the shield is gone, continue the method and switch to Power weapons like the Skewer. Complement your offense with Dynamo Grenades along the way. Keep targeting its helmet and it will fall off eventually. Continue on targeting the head until it’s defeated.

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