Halo Infinite - War Chief Escharum Boss Guide

Guide on how to defeat War Chief Escharum in Halo Infinite Campaign Mode. This includes the boss enemy's weapons, attacks, and recommended battle strategies.

Halo Infinite - How to Defeat War Chief Escharum Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat War Chief Escharum in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite - How to Defeat War Chief Escharum Boss Guide

War Chief Escharum is a boss enemy faced by Master Chief in the Campaign Mode of Halo Infinite. The boss is encountered during Mission 14: House of Reckoning.

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War Chief Escharum Boss Information

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ weapons, gadgets, and minions:

War Chief Escharum Details

  • Weapon: Scrap Cannon, Diminisher of Hope (Special Gravity Hammer)
  • Gadget: None
  • Minions: None
  • Rewards: Diminisher of Hope (Special Gravity Hammer)

War Chief Escharum Boss Setup

Here is a breakdown of the battle preparation against the boss:

Recommended Loadout for War Chief Escharum

  • Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle (Kinetic), Needler (Plasma)
  • Secondary Weapon: Disruptor (Sh0ck) and Mangler (Kinetic)
  • Gadget: Thruster (Fully Upgraded) and Grappleshot (Fully Upgraded)

War Chief Escharum Strategies

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

Grab the Rocket Launchers

Start the first phase of the battle by grabbing a Rocket Launcher from the west side of the room. Use your Scan to find them.

Go around the corners while damaging the boss

The boss is slow due to Scrap Cannon so move around the corners using Thrusters. Throw grenades or coils at the boss. Don’t use all your coils and save some for later.

An alternative option to grenades is a Pulse Rifle or Needler weapon that you can pick up.

Takedown the four Power Relays

In the second phase, the boss will form a barrier or shield. Don’t attack the shield and look for an orange power relay. Use your Battle Rifle to destroy it and it makes the boss vulnerable for a short period. While vulnerable, deal damage to the boss.

There are four power relays so you will keep on repeating this strategy. If you have Rocket Launcher, you can destroy one power relay quickly.

Trigger a checkpoint

The third phase will involve the boss using its Gravity Hammer. This is the most challenging part of this boss fight so you need to find a checkpoint in cases that you get defeated. Hit a checkpoint after Echo 216 is confirmed safe by The Weapon.

Switch to a Shock or Kinetic Weapon

Switch to a Disruptor or Mangler to finish off the boss. Acquire them through a weapon rack behind Echo 216. Disruptor can deal shock damage over time while the Mangler can stagger the boss if you deal a headshot.

Dodge Escharum’s attacks using your Thruster

Start moving as soon as the boss starts lifting its arms or couches to jump. Doing a normal dodge is ineffective so use a Thruster to move left or right. Don’t move directly at the boss and go sideways only.

Don’t use your second Thruster charge immediately after using the first one since the boss is fast and can catch up at times.

Lure the boss at advantageous spots

You can lure the boss in the middle of the area and deal damage using a Disruptor or Mangler. Better if you still have remaining Plasma or Spike grenades. Once the boss is coming to you, use your Grappleshot and attach it to the ceiling in order to transfer to another side of the room.

Another spot is near the Echo 216 structure, lure the boss and throw your Shock coils or grenades first to slow the boss. Then, keep running close circles and use the obstacles to hinder his speed. Deal damage using a Disruptor for initial damage. Then, switch to Mangler for headshots afterwards. Again, use the Thruster to avoid getting hit.

The last spot is not recommended for beginners since you need to lure the boss in the middle passage. Drag the boss outside and into the hallway. Since there are no obstacles, throw in Shock coils or Plasma or Spike grenades to slow down the boss. Get some distance and deal damage using the Disruptor-Mangler damage combo.

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