A Couple’s Nightmare: Meet The Baker Family [Resident Evil 7/ RE7]

The Baker family is the main antagonist of Resident Evil 7. These guys are bullet-sponges and strike fear into

The Baker Family

The Baker Family is probably one of the most dysfunctional families you’ve ever seen. Ever since Resident Evil 7 released its demo and teaser trailer, the Baker Family is the only group of characters the fans have a clear idea about. And it’s clear that the members of this family each have a screw loose. Jack Baker displays his breathtaking anger management issues when he decides to cut up his son for one remark. His wife, Marguerite Baker, appears submissive but she actually has hysterical breakdowns. And their son is a juvenille with a bloodlust that rivals his old man’s.

Let’s have a recap!

The story begins with good guy Ethan strolling around and living his life. Until one day, he gets a call from his allegedly dead wife Mia.This triggers the recovering widower to go and find where his wife is. Think about it: she was dead for the last two years, why call now? With that thought in mind, Ethan departs to find answers. And where are the answers? It’s in the Duvley Haunted House, home of the Baker family.

Resident Evil 7 Game Theory: Mia Baker

Before we proceed, there’s a floating theory around Reddit about Mia Winters being someone else prior to being Ethan’s dead wife. That’s right. Her maiden name being Baker. It would make Zoe and Lucas her siblings. This, in turn, makes Jack and Marguerite Baker Ethan’s in-laws. How is that possible? Note that during the trailer, Jack gave Ethan a haunting speech before the latter passes out.

source: Google Image Search

“Welcome to the family, son.”

Anybody would be wondering: what is he saying that for? Is it because he wants someone to eat entrails with him? Is it because he wants another mindless murderer to carry out the family tradition? Or is it because Mia Winters is actually Mia Baker? But if this theory pans out, it unlocks a new level of psychological terror for the player.

Trending Terror: Fear of In-Laws

There’s a common trend among couples who get married. Couples are terrified by one thing: in-laws. The romantic cliche movies with nosy in-laws validates the fear of many young couples. The father-in-law who forever hates your guts or that extremely pressures you and the over-controlling mother-in-law, it’s mentally and emotionally stressful. But Resident Evil 7 takes that fear onto a whole new level. The In-Laws are not only nosy but they are complete sociopaths who’d probably prefer to have your innards for dinner.

Ethan Winters
“Come join us for dinner!”

Whether or not Capcom intended this theme of fear, it strikes a hard chord. No matter how one looks at it, having sociopathic in-laws is not funny.

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