Soul Hackers 2 - How to Perform Sabbath Attacks

A guide on how to perform Sabbath attacks in Soul Hackers 2, including the methods and ways to trigger all-out attacks with demons, recommended skills to enhance Sabbaths, and other useful tips.

Soul Hackers 2 - How to Perform Sabbath Attacks

How to Perform Sabbath Attacks in Soul Hackers 2

What are Sabbath Attacks?

Powerful All-Out Attacks Using Summoned Demons

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Sabbath attacks are powerful all-out offensives in Soul Hackers 2 that Ringo can perform with all of her demons at the end of her party’s turn. Sabbaths target all enemies in the field to inflict massive damage, making the move useful during tough encounters throughout the game’s main story.

Triggering Sabbaths

Accumulate Sabbath Stacks by Exploiting Enemy Weaknesses

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To trigger a Sabbath, you must accumulate Sabbath Stacks (indicated at the upper right corner of the screen) by constantly hitting enemies with attacks they are weak against. Each time you hit an enemy with its weakness, 1 Sabbath Stack is gained which causes one of you demons to appear in battle.

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At the end of the party’s turn, Ringo will perform the Sabbath with all ally demons currently out in the field. Note that you can stack up to 16 demons when the party finishes their turn, resulting in an extremely powerful Sabbath that can potentially wipe out all enemies afterwards.

Follow-Up Skills

Demons who participate in Sabbaths may learn Follow-Up Skills which have a variety of useful effects such as healing allies or inflicting debuffs and status ailments on enemies.

Useful Skills to Enhance Sabbaths

Commander Skills

Ringo can learn certain Commander Skills that enhance Sabbaths by modifying her COMP. An example of these Commander Skills is Stack Optimization which grants 1 additional Sabbath stack each time an ally deals damage to enemies using skills that the target is weak against.

Commander Skill Effects Turn Limit COMP Modification Requirements
Stack Optimization Increases the stack gained by 1 when each ally deals HP damage on the turn used. 6/6

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