Soul Hackers 2 - Post-Game Unlockables

Post-game unlockables in Soul Hackers 2 detailing all new features and content that become accessible after clearing the main story.

Soul Hackers 2 - Post-Game Unlockables

Post-Game Unlockables in Soul Hackers 2

Below are all post-game unlockables in Soul Hackers 2, including all new features and content that become accessible after clearing the main story on any difficulty setting.

Please note that is page is regularly updated for new information confirmed from official sources.

New Game Plus (NG+)

After beating the game, New Game Plus (NG+) becomes available. This mode allows you to start a new playthrough with a choice to transfer various elements from your previous one using the unlocked Data Transfer feature.

New Game Plus (NG+) Guide

Data Transfer (Carry Over Elements)

Soul Hackers 2 - Data Transfer

Things You Can Carry Over in NG+

Below is a list of things you can carry over in NG+. From the Data Transfer menu, choose to enable or disable each of the elements you want to import based on your preferences.

  • Character Levels
  • COMP Modifications
  • Auto Map
  • Money (Yen)
  • Items
  • Magic Crystals
  • Demon Compendium and Demon Fusions

New Personal Events

Soul Hackers 2 - New Personal Events

New Personal Events also become accessible in NG+, letting you view special events and cutscenes with various characters in the game.

New Requests

Soul Hackers 2 - New Requests

Additional Requests are also unlocked after you beat the game and start NG+. Many of these new side quests allow you to fight stronger enemies and bosses and obtain more powerful items and demons to add to your arsenal.

Requests List

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