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Catherine: Full Body Wiki and Strategy Guide Page containing game walkthroughs, puzzle strategies, game databases, tips and tricks, and news and updates for the puzzle game developed and published by Atlus (Studio Zero). The game was released in Japan last February 14, 2019, while the official worldwide released is scheduled on September 3, 2019.

Game Overview

Catherine: Full Body - Game Overview

The main character, Vincent Brooks (32 years old), has been dating Katherine McBride for 5 years but has no interest in marriage. While being carefree, he meets a beautiful woman named Catherine in Stray Sheep, a cafe that he frequents. He later ended up having an unexpected affair with Catherine but takes precaution not to let his cheating go out the public. While being secretive about his affair, he also starts to receive affection from Rin, a pianist from Stray Sheep who lost her memory.

While Vincent is in the middle of these affairs, a strange rumor started to circulate in his city —“Cheating men will fall into a nightmare. If someone dies in their dreams, it will bring about death even in the real world.”

Will Vincent Brooks be able to overcome these nightmares? Who will Vincent choose after going through hell? Katherine, Catherine or Rin?

Latest News & Updates

Catherine: Full Body - Latest News

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Catherine: Full Body - Walkthrough

The Golden Theater (Catherine Route)

▼Catherine Route
Underground Cemetery (1st Night) Prison of Despair (2nd Night)
Torture Chamber (3rd Night) Inquisition (4th Night)
Quadrangle (5th Night) Clock Tower (6th Night)
Spiral Corridor (7th Night) The Cathedral (8th Night)
The Empireo (9th Night)

Answers to Questions and Karma Meter

The Golden Theater (Rin Route)

▼Rin Alternate Route
Spiral Corridor (7th Night) The Cathedral (8th Night)
The Empireo (9th Night) Close Encounter (10th Night)

Useful Information

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Unchangeable Elements Post-Game Unlockables and Elements
Ending Variations

Beginner’s Guide

Catherine: Full Body - Beginner's Guide

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New Features Game Controls
Difficulty Differences Game Modes
Basic Techniques Techniques List
Online Features Block Types List
Enemies List Items List

Tips and Strategies

Catherine: Full Body - Tips and Strategies

Boss Tips and Strategies

▼Catherine: Full Body Boss Guides
Catherine: Full Body - Fist of GrudgeFist of a Grudge Catherine: Full Body - Immoral BeastImmoral Beast
Catherine: Full Body - The ChildThe Child Catherine: Full Body - Doom's BrideDoom’s Bride
Catherine: Full Body - Child with ChainsawChild with a Chainsaw Catherine: Full Body - Shadow of VincentShadow of Vincent
Catherine: Full Body - CatherineCatherine Catherine: Full Body - Thomas MuttonThomas Mutton
Catherine: Full Body - DumuzidDumuzid Big Brother

Troubled Stray Sheep

▼Catherine: Full Body Troubled Stray Sheep
Catherine: Full Body - MorganMorgan (Sheep with Police Hat) Catherine: Full Body - JustinJustin (Sheep with Glasses)
Catherine: Full Body - ToddTodd (Sheep with Regent Hair) Catherine: Full Body - ArchieArchie (Long-Haired Sheep)
Catherine: Full Body - DanielDaniel (Sheep with Sunglasses) Catherine: Full Body - RoderickRoderick (Sheep with Scarf)
Catherine: Full Body - AbulAbul (Golden Sheep) Other Stray Sheep

Stray Sheep List and Guide


Catherine: Full Body - Characters

▼Catherine: Full Body Characters
Catherine Full Body - Vincent BrooksVincent Brooks Catherine Full Body - Rin / QatherineRin (Qatherine)
Catherine Full Body - Katherine McBrideCatherine Catherine Full Body - Katherine McBrideKatherine McBride
Catherine Full Body - Orlando HaddickOrlando Haddick Catherine Full Body - Jonny ArigaJonny Ariga
Catherine Full Body - Toby NebbinsToby Nebbins Catherine Full Body - Erica AndersonErica Anderson
Catherine Full Body - Boss / MasterBoss (Master) Catherine Full Body - Trisha / Rue IshidaTrisha (Rue Ishida)

Character List

Game Information

Catherine: Full Body - Game Information

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Game Trailers

Catherine: Full Body Death by Nightmare Trailer

Source: Atlus USA

Catherine: Full Body Trailer Fine Wine Trailer

Source: Atlus USA

Catherine: Full Body Trailer E3 Trailer

Source: Atlus USA

Product Information

Title Catherine: Full Body
Genre Action Puzzle / Adventure
System PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita (JP)
Developer ATLUS’ Studio Zero
Publisher ATLUS
Release date February 14, 2019 (JP)
September 3, 2019 (EN)
Official Website (EN)