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Lost Judgment (or Lost Judgment: Unjudged Memories) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Page containing all main storyline walkthroughs, trailing missions, stealth missions, school stories, boss guides, character guides, collectibles, enemy lists, best weapons, best equipment, strategy guides, game databases, cheats, tips and tricks, post-game unlockables, new game plus unlockables, news and updates, and more. Lost Judgment is a single-player, beat ’em up action-adventure role-playing game developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by SEGA for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

News and Updates

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▼All Chapter Walkthroughs
Chapter 1: Black Sheep Chapter 2: Vicious Cycle
Chapter 3: Two Sides of the Same Coin Chapter 4: Red Knife
Chapter 5: Double Jeopardy  Chapter 6: Converging Heat
 Chapter 7: Blindsided  Chapter 8: Phantom of Ijincho
 Chapter 9: The Weight of Guilt Chapter 10: Catch a Tiger
 Chapter 11: Undercover Chapter 12: To Nourish a Viper
Final Chapter: Darkest Before the Dawn

All Main Story Walkthroughs

Side Cases

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Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 Side Cases

▼All Ch.1 and Ch.3 Side Case Walkthroughs
1. Skateboard Detective vs. The Reseller 2.  The Falling Man
3. The Cafe Robber 4. Trying the Patience of a Saint
5. Where is the Time Capsule? 6. Where the Kappa Roam
7. The SRCs Hunt For The Truth 8. The Invisible Burglar
9. The Body Model Walks At Night!!! 10. Dueling Dojos
11. The Forbidden Taste 12. Paradise VR Unlocked!
13. Paradise VR Upgraded! 14. Let the Drones Fly!
15. Extracting the Past 16. Extracting the Truth

Chapter 4 Side Cases

▼All Ch.4 Side Case Walkthroughs
17. A New Partner 18. The Chaos of the Masked Writer
19. Flight of the Game Creator 20. A Particularly Hardcore Demo Event
21. Dastardly Detective: Introduction 22. Dastardly Detective: The Wandering Bug
23. Dastardly Detective: Grasping Attention 24. Dastardly Detective: Before the Torch Burns Out
25. Dastardly Detective: The Eavesdropping Wallet 26. Dastardly Detective: Target – Seiryo High
27. Dastardly Detective: From the Pit of Despair 28. Dastardly Detective: The Secret Ingredient
29. Dastardly Detective: The Final Night Flight 30. Dastardly Detective: Closing the Case
31. Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun 32. Big Squirrels Don’t Cry

Chapter 6 Side Cases

▼All Ch.6 Side Case Walkthroughs
33. Curse of the Amasawa Family Heirloom 34. My First Errand
35. Between Blood and Booze 36. Random Fandom
37. Big Shame Hunter 38. Step by Step
39. Broken Barriers 40. We Mend, We Grow
41. Takayuki Yagami: Evil Detective 42. The Final Request

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Boss Guides

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▼Boss Guides
Kosuke Jin Kuwana
Daimu Akutsu Kisuke Watanabe
Kazuki Soma Juzo Amon (Secret Boss)


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Returning Characters

▼All Returning Characters
Takayuki Yagami Masaharu Kaito
Saori Shirosaki Issei Hoshino
Mafuyu Fujii Ryuzo Genda
Toru Higashi

New Characters

▼All New Characters
Akihiro Ehara Hiro Mikoshiba
Jin Kuwana Kazuki Soma
Daimu Akutsu Yoko Sawa
Mami Koda Matsui
Sakaki Akane
Kyoko Amasawa Kento Amasawa
Kisuke Watanabe Emily S. Mochizuki

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School Stories

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School Story Activities and Mini-Games

▼All School Story Guides
Mystery Research Club Dance Club
Robotics Club Boxing Gym
Runaways Biker Gang Girls Bar Guide
Skateboard Crew Secret Casino
Esports Club Photography Club

All School Stories

Play Spots

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Play Spot Activities and Mini-Games

▼All Play Spot Guides
Dice & Cube Aircelios
Drone Racing Darts
Golf Batting Center
Skateboard Park Skateboard Race
Mahjong Street Shogi
Koi-Koi Oicho-Kabu
Hama of the Dead Sonic Fighters

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Strategy Guides

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Getting Started

▼Getting Started
Game Editions DLC Information
Game Difficulty Game Controls
Beginner’s Guide Combat System
Battle Styles Guide Status Ailments Guide
Investigation Guide TownGo App Guide
School Stories Guide Play Spots Guide
Post-Game Unlockables

Collectible Guides

▼All Collectibles
Squirrel Graffitis Skill Books

Useful Guides

▼All Useful Guides
Trophies and Achievements Best Skills to Learn
SP Farming Guide Money Farming Guide
Pawpularity Cat Guide Girlfriend Guide
Girlfriend List EX Action List
Battle Reward List TownGo Shop Mission List
TownGo City Mission List How to Get Detective Dog Ranpo

Girlfriend Guides

Girlfriend Guides
Lost Judgment - EmilyEmily S. Mochizuki Lost Judgment - TsukinoTsukino Saotome
Lost Judgment - TodoTodo Minato Lost Judgment - KyokoKyoko Hakase

Game Database

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Weapons Armor


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Stat Skills Ability Skills
Tiger Skills Crane Skills
Snake Skills  Special Skills
EX Action List

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▼All Items
Recovery Items Food & Drink Items
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▼All Shops
Benten Pawn Chicken Del Sol
Coming Boon Deco Rush
Ebisu Pawn Extracts Shops (Yokohama)
Extracts Shops (Seiryo High)  Flower 2 Go
Fully Belly Buns General Goods Cart
Hama Wagon Cafe Hero’s Harvest
Hustle Boutique Ichiban Confections
La Chatte Blanche Onodera’s Wares
 Poppo (Jinnai Station Exterior) Poppo (Jinnai Station Interior)
Poppo (Tsurukame Highway) School Canteen
Smile Burger (Food Truck) Sweet Heaven
The Bun Sauna Ultimate Pork Buns
Welcome Pharmacy Yi Xing Tang

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Trophies and Achievements Battle Reward List
TownGo Shop Mission List TownGo City Mission List

Game Overview

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Lost Judgment, also known as Lost Judgment: Unjudged Memories (ロストジャッジメント:裁かれざる記憶), is a single-player, beat ’em up action-adventure and role-playing game developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is also known for its other titles such as the Yakuza series, including Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Other IPs include Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD.

Lost Judgment - Game Overview

Lost Judgment is the follow-up sequel to Judgment or Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon (ジャッジアイズ: 死神の遺言). The whole Judgment series is a spin-off of the Yakuza series, including Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and happens in the same world. The game shares some similar features to Yakuza games, with the exception of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, in terms of its combat system. Lost Judgment will offer both Japanese and English dub voices for the player.


Lost Judgment - Story

Lost Judgment continues the story of Yagami and follows up the events of Judgment. The setting of the game centers on two locations namely Kamurocho, Tokyo (the main setting of the Yakuza 0-5 and Judgment), and Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama (the main setting of Yakuza 6 or Yakuza: Like a Dragon). Also featured is a high school in Yokohama as another central location in the game.

Lost Judgment - Setting

The game is set in December 2021. Akihiro Ehara is accused of sexual harassment and randomly proclaims that there is a dead body in an abandoned factory in Yokohama’s Isezaki Ijincho district. Saori Shirosaki, the defense lawyer of Ehara, called the private detective, Takayuki Yagami, to help investigate Ehara’s case. While looking through the crucial details and investigating the murder case, Yagami is faced with a question: Defend the law, or enact justice?


Lost Judgment shares similar gameplay from other Yakuza games and carries most of the gameplay features from the first Judgment game. Here is a breakdown of some gameplay systems in Lost Judgment:

Battle System

Lost Judgment - Snake Style

Lost Judgment’s combat system shares similarities with Yakuza 0. Players can change Yagami’s fighting style when fighting enemies. In Lost Judgment, Yagami can now use three fighting styles which are the Crane-style, Tiger-style, and Snake-style. Crane-style is focused on fighting groups of enemies, Tiger-style centers on fighting individual enemies, and Snake-style deals with counter-attacks against armed enemies.

Two Locations: Tokyo and Yokohama

Lost Judgment - Kamurocho, Tokyo

As mentioned earlier, Lost Judgment will feature two locations namely Tokyo and Yokohama. Yagami will start at the red-light district, Kamurocho, Tokyo (a fictionalized version of Kabukicho, Tokyo).

Lost Judgment - Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama

Then, he will later move to the port district of Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama (a fictionalized version of Isezakicho, Yokohama) to continue and possibly conclude his investigation.

Trailing and Stealth Missions

Lost Judgment - Trailing Mission

Trailing Missions are the stealth segments of the game. As a detective, Yagami must chase suspects around the city in order to gather leads in solving his case.

Lost Judgment - Stealth Missions with Shiba Inu

This time, Yagami has a Shiba Inu called a “Detective Dog” in his side to help him accomplish stealth missions and acquire suspectful items.

Platforming Challenges

Lost Judgment - Platforming Challenges

Some trail or stealth missions would required platforming from one building space to another. This is to add more variety and challenge in doing these missions in the game.

School Stories

Lost Judgment - School Stories

Within Yokohoma, Yagami will spend time at a high school since it is an important location for his work. With that, he will interact with students in the form of school activities like dance tournaments, science fairs, athletic competitions, and etc. Accomplishing these school stories will reveal a unique side of Yagama’s character.

Game Trailers

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Game Information

Title Lost Judgment (WW) / Lost Judgment: Unjudged Memories (JP)
Genre Single-player / Action-adventure / Role-playing
Platform and System PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S / PlayStation 5
Developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
Publisher SEGA
Release date Septemberer 21, 2021 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S for Digital Deluxe), September 24, 2021 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S for Physical Release)
Official Website http://yakuza.sega.com/lostjudgment/