Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Gil Farming Guide

Gil farming guide for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (FFVII CC Remaster/Crisis Core Reunion), including the best ways to earn money fast, recommended Missions and enemies to farm, and other useful tips.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Gil Farming Guide

Gil Farming Guide for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Gil is the primary form of currency in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (FFVII CC Remaster/Crisis Core Reunion) and is used to purchase items, accessories, and Materia from various shops in the game. It is recommended to take the time to farm money so you can constantly upgrade to the best gear available to you throughout each stage of the main story.

Ways to Earn Gil

Defeat enemies.

You can earn Gil by simply taking down enemies. Just going through the game lets you accumulate a decent amount of money to buy useful consumables, though you will want to spend time farming enemies in replayable Missions to earn a hefty sum.

Open chests.

You can also get some Gil from chests found all throughout the game. Try to do some exploring while when you gain access to new areas to avoid missing out on money and loot contained in chests.

Sell items dropped by or stolen from enemies.

Another good way to get money is to sell any unwanted items dropped by enemies or those you acquired through the Steal or Mug commands. Since you can simply redo Missions you have completed, it is possible to farm and steal from enemies that yield loot you can sell for high prices at shops.

Recommended Farming Method

Farm and Steal from Tonberry enemies.

Tonberry enemies encountered in Mission 9-4-5 drop a lot of Gil when defeated so farming them will allow you to earn money fast. You can also try taking down the Holy Tonberry in Mission 9-6-2 which can drop 20,000 Gil when defeated (40,000 Gil if you have the Precious Watch accessory equipped).

Holy Tonberry can also drop Mythril, a rare Materia fusion material, which you can offload at shops for 1,000 Gil each. Just make sure o equip the Mog’s Amulet accessory to boost rare item drop rate.

You can also use Steal or Mug Holy Tonberry to get Gold Rolling Pins. These fetch for 50,000 Gil each, allowing you to get money fast.

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