Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Seven Wonders of Nibelheim Side Quest Walkthrough

Seven Wonders of Nibelheim side quest walkthrough for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (FFVII CC Remaster/Crisis Core Reunion), including how to get the Seven Wonders Expert (Bronze trophy) achievement, steps to complete all 7 Wonders puzzles during the main story, rewards obtained, and other useful tips.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Seven Wonders of Nibelheim Side Quest Walkthrough

Seven Wonders of Nibelheim Side Quest Walkthrough for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

What are the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim?

The Seven Wonders of Nibelheim are a series of optional puzzle challenges in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (FFVII CC Remaster/Crisis Core Reunion) that you can complete upon reaching Chapter 9 of the main story. Useful rewards such as Materia and accessories can be obtained by clearing them.

Permanently Missable

To begin the Seven Wonders side quest, talk to the boy who hangs around the eastern section of the town in Nibelheim during Chapter 9. Note that the Seven Wonders puzzles are all missable if you progress through the main story without clearing them in order. You will also miss out on getting the Phoenix DMW Summon Materia, Genji Armor, and the Seven Wonders Expert (Bronze trophy), Limit Break Collector (Bronze trophy), DMW Master (Silver trophy), and Genji Equipment (Silver trophy) achievements for the duration of the playthrough.

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Trophies and Achievements

Below are all trophies and achievements related to the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim sub-event and how to unlock them during the main story.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Seven Wonders Expert PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Learned about all of Nibelheim’s Seven Wonders.

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First Wonder

After talking to the boy and hearing about the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim, check the water tower in the village square to find the Phoneix DMW Summon Materia. Note that this is required if you want to get the Genji Armor accessory which requires you complete and max out all DMWs (100% progress).

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Second Wonder

Talk to the boy again to hear about the Second Wonder of Nibelheim. Then, head to the inn and go up the stairs (do not talk to Sephiroth). Go into the room and view the portrait of the girl across the beds. Afterwards, report back to the boy.

Head back to the portrait at the in and view it again. Keep doing this until you see the man behind the reception desk start to go up the stairs.

Wait for him to go inside the room with the portrait. Then, go in yourself to solve the Second Wonder. You will also get 2,000 Gil as a reward.

Third Wonder

Talk to the boy to hear about the Third Wonder of Nibelheim. Then, travel to Nibelheim – Outskirts. Head to the northern section to reach Mt. Nibel. When you come up to a fork, talk to the three children by the glowing spring as they will give you tips on how to take down the Wonder Bombs. You need to hit them before they self-destruct (attack them as they swell up to cause them to shrink again).

Head east from the fork and you should find the Bombs (Touchy Bomb, Remedy Bomb, and Gray Bomb) you need to defeat. Afterwards, return to the boy at Nibelheim and give him the Gold Shard you got for taking down the Bombs. He will give you a Safety Bit accessory in return.

Fourth Wonder

Talk to the boy to hear about the Fourth Wonder of Nibelheim.  Then, head back to Nibelheim – Outskirts and go to the western section of the area. Head for the entrance to Shinra Manor (indicated by the door icon on the map) to enter it.

Inside the manor, head up the second floor. To the northwest section is the laughing safe and a piece of paper with clues to open it. Use the table as a guide to help you decipher the safe code.

Safe Digit Hint How to Decipher
First Digit Knowledge Overflowing Head east and look through the keyhole of the room there. Count the books that are not the shelf, the books on the floor, and the books on top of the shelf.
Second Digit Unwelcome Face On the first floor, go east and enter the room there. Count the Dorky Faces that appear and disappear.
Third Digit Tasty Reminders of Home On the second floor, head to the room behind the west wing. Count the Dumbapples and cans here (some can be found hidden among the furniture here).
Fourth Digit Resting on All Four Feet Head to the first floor. Then, go to the room to the west and count the chairs there.

Afterwards, go back to the safe and open it to get Vital Slash Materia. Then, report back to the boy.

Fifth Wonder

Talk to the boy to hear about the Fifth Wonder of Nibelheim. For this puzzle, you will need to talk to Sephiroth at the inn to progress through the story.

You will eventually reach the story section with Cloud accompanying you to Shinra Manor. Talk to Cloud and head to the second floor. Then, move southeast to find the room with a door you can enter to reach the secret entrance to the cellar (marked by the odd pattern of bricks).

Head up the stairs and take out the monsters along the way. They will drop Coffin Keys you need to open some coffins later in the area.

Proceed through the platforms in the area until you are able to climb down a ladder. From here, use the keys you obtained to open the coffins in the western and southeastern rooms (do not head to the south room as this will advance the story and prevent you from clearing this challenge). After discovering the man sleeping in the coffin, head back to the boy and report what you found.

Sixth Wonder

Progress through the story until the event where Sephiroth sets Nibelheim on fire. Talk to the boy near the General Store. Then, move through the smoke inside the building to save his mother within the time limit. Then, talk to the boy to get ATK Up++ as a reward.

Seventh Wonder

Progress to the next chapter of the game where you leave Shinra Manor with Cloud. Then, head to Nibelheim – Outskirts. Go to the area with the farmhouse and check the fence to get the Wall Materia.

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