Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Materia Fusion List

All Materia fusion list for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (FFVII CC Remaster/Crisis Core Reunion), including all Materia craftable through fusion and recipe to make each in the game.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Materia Fusion List

Materia Fusion List for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Materia Fusion List

This page contains a list of all Materia fusion recipes (craftable through fusion) in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (FFVII CC Remaster/Crisis Core Reunion).

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion All Materia List

Trophies and Achievements

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyGot Materia Fusion Down
Performed materia fusion for the first time.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyMaster Mako Stone Miner Prevented the Materia Room from being shut down.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyGodlike Rated to have “godlike speed” in collecting materia.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Trophies and Achievements List

How to acquire Materia

Get the required materia from several missions:

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Mission List and Rewards

Materia Fusion List

Materia Name Materia Recipe
Fire Blizzard + Thunder/Dark Fire + Cure
Blizzard Fire + Thunder/Dark Blizzard + Cure
Thunder Fire + Blizzard/Dark Thunder + Cure
Fira Blizzara + Thunder/Fire (Master) + Libra (Master)
Blizzara Thundara + Fire/Blizzard (Master) + Libra (Master)
Thundara Fira + Blizzard/Thunder (Master) + Libra (Master)
Firaga Blizzaga + Thunder/Thundara (Master) + Blizzara (Master)
Blizzaga Thundaga + Fire/Blizzara (Master) + Libra (Master)
Thundaga Firaga + Blizzard/Fira  (Master) + Blizzard (Master)
Cure Cure + Cure/Cure + Esuna
Cura Cure (Master) + Cure/Cure + Silence
Curaga Regen (Master) + Libra/Cure + Death
Regen Cura (Master) + Cure/Cure + Dash
Esuna Dispel (Master) + Libra/Poison + VIT Up
Dispel Esuna (Master) + Libra/Silence + SPR Up
Barrier Fire + HP Up/Dispel + jump
MBarrier Barrier (Master) + Libra/Blizzara + SPR Up/Gravity + HP Up (Master)
Wall Elemental Ward (Master) + Libra/Barrier + Any DMW/Quake + any HP Up
Drain Osmose (Master) + Libra/Drain Blade + MAG Up
Drainra Osmose (Master) + Libra/Firaga, Blizaga, or Thundaga + Drain/Graviga (Master) + Drain
Drainga Drain + and DMW/Sky Drain + MAG Up/Osmoga + any Master Materia with grade 6 or lower
Osmose Drain (Master) + Libra/Power Osmose + SPR Up
Osmoga Drainra (Master) + Libra/Power Osmose + SPR Up
Poison Poison + Poison/Power Blade + MAG Up
Silence Poison (Master) + Libra/Poison + Dash
Stop Poison (Master) + Dash/Stop Blade + MAG Up
Death Stop (Master) + Libra/Poison + any DMW
Dark Fire Fire + Poison/Fire + Esuna
Dark Blizzard Blizzard + Poison/Blizzard + Esuna
Dark Thunder Thunder + Poison/Thunder + Esuna
Dark Fira Fira + Esuna/Dark Blizzara + Thunder
Dark Blizzara Blizzara + Silence/Dark Thundara + Fire
Dark Thundara Thundara + Dispel/Dark Fira+ Blizzard
Dark Firaga Firaga + Esuna/Dark Blizzaga + Thunder
Dark Blizzaga Blizzaga + Esuna/Dark Thundaga + Fira
Dark Thundaga Thundaga + Esuna/Dark Firaga + Blizzard
Hell Firaga Firaga (Master) + Poison (Master)/Dark Fire + any DMW
Hell Bizzaga Blizzaga (Master) + Esuna (Master)/Dark Blizzard + any DMW
Hell Thundaga Thundaga (Master) + Dispel (Master)/Dark Thunder + any DMW
Gravity Gravity + Libra/Gravity + Cure
Graviga Gravity (Master) + Libra/Gravity + Dash
Quake Darkness (Master) + Libra/Gravity + any DMW/Electrocute (Master) + Darkness
Tri-Thundaga Tri-Thundaga + Libra/Tri-Thundaga + Goblin Punch
Tri-Fire Tri-Thundaga (Master) + Libra/Tri-Fire + Tri-Thundaga
Electrocute Tri-Fire (Master) + Libra/Tri-Fire (Master) + Tri-Thundaga/Tri-Thundaga (Master) + Libra (Master)
Flare Electrocute (Master) + Libra, Dash, Tri-Fire, Tri-Thundaga, Goblin Punch, Iron Fist, or Magical Punch/Tri-Fire (Master) + Libra (Master)
Energy Flare (Master) + Libra, Dash, Tri-Fire, Tri-Thundaga, Goblin Punch, Iron Fist, or Magical Punch/Electrocute (Master) + Libra (Master)
Ultima Energy (Master) + Libra/Any DMW +  Tri-Fire, Tri-Thundaga, Electrocute, Flare, or Energy
Darkness Graviga (Master) + Libra/Gravity (Master) + Dash (Master)/Gravity (Master) + Graviga
Jump Jump + Jump/Power Attack + AP Up
High Jump Assault Twister (Master) + Libra (Master)/Firaga Blade + AP Up
Poison Aerial Poison Twister (Master) + Libra/Poison Twister + Dash
Silence Aerial Stop Twister (Master) + Libra/High Jump + Poison Twister
Death Jump Silence Aerial (Master) + Libra/High Jump (Master) + Poison Twister
Assault Twister Jump (Master) + Libra (Master)/Viral Slash + AP Up
Assault Twister+ High Jump (Master) + Libra (Master)/Jump + any DMW/Exploder Blade + AP Up (Master)
Poison Twister Poison Twister + Libra/Poison Twister + Jump
Stop Twister Poison Aeriel (Master) + Libra/Assault Twister (Master) + Poison Twister
Death Twister Death Jump (Master) + Libra/Assault twister 2 + Poison Twister
Power Attack Gravity + Jump/Power Attack + Jump
Vital Slash Power Attack (Master) + Libra (Master)/Power Attack + Gravity 2
Exploder Blade Quake + Jump/Power Attack + any DMW
Blast Wave Vital Slash (Master) + Libra (Master)/Graviga (Master) + Jump or Assault twister
Poison Blade Power Attack + Poison/Poison + ATK Up
Silence Blade Assault Twister + Poison/Silence + ATK Up
Stop Blade Assault Twister (Master) + Poison/Stop + ATK Up
Death Blade Power Attack + Death/Death + ATK Up
Dispel Blade Elemental Strike + Poison/Poison Deaath + any DMW
Fire Blade Fire + Power Attack/Fire + ATK Up
Blizzard Blade Blizzard + Power Attack/Blizzard + ATK Up
Thunder Blade Thunder + Power Attack/Thunder + ATK Up
FIra Blade Fira + Jump/Fire + Assault Twister
Blizzara Blade Blizzara + Jump/Blizzard + Assault Twister
Thundara Blade Thundara + Jump/Thunder + Assault Twister
Firaga Blade Firaga + ATK Up/Fire + High Jump
Blizzaga Blade Blizzaga + ATK Up/Blizzard + High Jump
Thundaga Blade Thundaga + ATK Up/Thunder + High Jump
Drain Blade Drain + Assault Twister/Osmose + ATK Up
Power Drain Drain Blade (Master) + Libra (Master)/Osmoga + ATK Up
Sky Drain Drainga + ATK Up/Drain Blade + any DMW
Osmose Blade Drain + ATK Up/Drain + Silence Blade
Power Osmose Drainra + ATK Up/Drain + High Jump
Mug Smart Consumer (Master) + Libra (can also use any Materia with grade 4 or lower)/Steal + Electrocute
Gil Toss Mug (Master) + Libra (can also use any Materia with grade 6 or lower)/Steal + any DMWSteal (Master) + any Punch/Costly Punch + any Item
Goblin Punch Goblin Punch + Libra/Goblin Punch + Goblin Punch
Iron Fist Goblin Punch + Dash/Goblin Punch (Master) + Libra
Magical Punch Iron Fist (Master) + Libra (Master)/Magical Punch + Libra
Hammer Punch Magical Punch (Master) + Libra/Hammer Punch + Libra
Costly Punch Hammer Punch (Master) + Libra (Master)/any Punch + any DMW
HP Up HP Up + Libra/HP Up + ATK Up
HP Up+ HP Up (Master) +Libra (Master)/HP Up + Dash
HP Up++ HP Up+ (Master) + Libra (Master)/any HP Up+ any DMW
MP Up MP Up + Libra/MP Up + SPR Up
MP Up+ MP Up (Master) + Libra (Master)/MP Up + Dash
MP Up++ MP Up+ (Master) + Libra (Master)/any MP Up + any DMW
AP Up AP Up + Libra/AP Up + VIT Up
AP Up+ AP Up (Master) + Libra (Master)/AP Up + Dash
AP Up++ AP Up+ (Master) + Libra (Master)/any AP Up + any DMW
ATK Up ATK Up + Libra/ATK Up + MAG Up
ATK Up+ ATK Up (Master) + Libra (Master)/ATK Up + Dash
ATK Up++ ATK Up+ (Master) + Libra (Master)/any ATK Up + any DMW
VIT Up VIT Up + Libra/VIT Up + MP Up
VIT Up+ VIT Up (Master) + Libra (Master)/VIT Up + Dash
VIT Up++ Vit Up+ (Master) + Libra (Master)/any VIT Up + any DMW
MAG Up MAG Up + Libra/MAG Up + AP Up
MAG Up+ MAG Up (Master) + Libra (Master)/MAG Up + Dash
MAG Up++ MAG Up+ (Master) + Libra (Master)/any MAG Up + any DMW
SPR Up SPR Up + Libra/SPR Up + HP Up
SPR Up+ SPR Up (Master) + Libra (Master)/SPR Up + Dash
SPR Up++ SPR Up+ (Master) + Libra (Master)/any SPR Up + any DMW
Smart Consumer Steal (Master) + Libra/Steal + Dash
Libra Dash + any DMW/Libra + Libra/any DMW + any DMW
Status Strike Death Twister (Master) + Libra/Poison Twister + any DMW
Status Ward Dispel (Master) + Libra (Master)/Stop + HP Up
Elemental Strike Assault Twister 2 + Fire/Fire Blade + any DMW
Elemental Ward MBarrier (Master) + Libra/Firaga + VIT Up
SP Turbo Magic SP Turbo Magic + Libra/SP Turbo Magic + Tri-Thundaga
SP Turbo Attack SP Turbo Magic (Master) + Libra/SP Turbo Magic + Electrocute/SP Turbo Magic + Magical Punch (Master)
SP Turbo SP Turbo Attack (Master) + Libra/SP Turbo Magic or Attack + Flare/SP Turbo Magic or Attack + Hammer Punch
SP Turbo Barrier SP Turbo (Master) + Libra/SP Turbo Magic or Attack + Energy/SP Turbo Magic or Attack + Hammer Punch (Master)
SP Turbo Master SP Barrier (Master) + Libra/any SP Turbo + any DMW/any SP Turbo + Costly Punch

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