Echoes of Mana - Co-Op Multiplayer Guide

Co-op multiplayer guide for Echoes of Mana, including how to unlock multiplayer in the game, how to create a room (host), how to invite other players, how to join a room (guest), and other useful tips.

Echoes of Mana - Co-Op Multiplayer Guide

Co-Op Multiplayer Guide for Echoes of Mana

How to Unlock Co-Op Multiplayer

Echoes of Mana supports online co-op with up to two players which becomes available after you clear main story mission 2-12. Afterwards, the Co-op icon will appear on the main hub menu (to the upper left of Quest).

Friend and Co-op Recruitment Page

In co-op, each player controls one member of the team from their available roster of character along with two sub characters. It is recommended to assign roles to each player for better chances of clearing quests, especially those with high-level regular enemies and bosses.

Beginning a Co-Op Session

Creating a Room (Host)

Tap on the Co-op icon to open the multiplayer menu. Then, select Co-op Quest Selection to set the quest you want to run with other players. This will create a room that allows you to adjust various settings, including restrictions to who can join via a Room ID, required level of participants, and enabling or disabling auto-battle.

Inviting Friends for Co-Op

Once you have created your room, other players will be able to join you through the Room List. If you want to make your room private, you can enable Room ID restriction from the quest settings. Doing so removes your room from the public listing and can only be found by entering a unique Room ID.

Joining a Room (Guest)

To join a room as a guest, select Room List from the co-op main menu. From there, simply look for a quest that you would like to participate in.

If you want to enter a private room, go to Room Number Entry from the co-op main menu and go to Room Number Entry. Then, input the Room ID of the session you want to join.

Organizing Your Party

Before beginning a co-op session, you can organize your characters by going to Co-op Party from the multiplayer menu. This allows you to set your main character (the one you will control in the three-person team) and two sub characters. You can also equip up to three consumable items from this sub menu before starting the quest.

Use a stable connection as much possible.

It is highly recommended to have a strong internet connection when engaging in multiplayer to avoid lag during critical moments such as boss battles. Try to test your connection first before playing with other people for a smoother and more enjoyable experience online.

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