Echoes of Mana - How to Get 5★ Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic)

A guide on how to get 5★ Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic) in Echoes of Mana. Included are the requirements to obtain Crimson Wizard, the character's stats, and a summary of his skills and performance in battle.

Echoes of Mana - How to Get 5★ Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic)

How to Get 5★ Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic) in Echoes of Mana

Trade 200 Spell Shards from Twilwool Tower Trader

Echoes of Mana - Crimson Wizard (Twilwool Spell Shard Trader)

After you have cleared Echoes of Mana‘s main story quest 4-13, Twilwool Tower will become accessible. This special area consists of a series of floors that pit you against a variety of challenging enemies. Clearing a floor rewards you with Spells Shards which you can use to obtain the only Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic), a powerful Fire/Rod mage character who is currently the only unit with a 5★ base rarity in the game.

How to Get Spell Shards

Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic)

Ally Overview

Name Crimson Wizard
Title Flaming Dark Magic
Base Rarity ★★★★★
Attribute Fire
Weapon Staff
Appears In Trials of Mana
Rating S Tier

Crimson Wizard Character Guide

Ally Summary

Crimson Wizard is one of the strongest offense-focused characters in the game and will fit into any team as a primary ranged damage dealer. He is able to clear waves of enemies using Exploder, a powerful area-of-effect magic skill, from a safe distance. Crimson Wizard also has Mystic Torrent which temporarily increases his already impressive damage output to easily burst down bosses, especially those weak to fire.

Ally Character Tier List

Special Technique – Ancient Curse

Crimson Wizard’s Special Technique (ST) is Ancient Curse which allows him to summon a massive meteor on the battlefield. The impact and destruction radius caused by the technique almost fills the entire screen, making it an incredibly handy weapon to wipe out regular foes and even bosses quickly.

It is highly recommended to pair Crimson Wizard with ★4 Popoi -Headed for the Home Village- (Fire/Boomerang) or any other strong Fire-type character in your team. This will allow both characters to easily accumulate their ST gauge, allowing Crimson Wizard to use Ancient Curse much more frequently.

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