Echoes of Mana - Where to Get Equipment

A guide on where to get equipment in Echoes of Mana, including the methods to farm gear in the game and other useful tips.

Echoes of Mana - Where to Get Equipment

Where to Get Equipment in Echoes of Mana

In Echoes of Mana, you can obtain equipment to improve your character’s different parameters in battle. Wearing the best armor and accessories will allow you to take on higher-level content which feature harder enemies and bosses.

Gear Dungeons

Once you have cleared main story quest 3-11, you will be able to farm equipment from Gear Dungeons which you can access from the Training tab.

Things to Do First

There are 4 levels in each Gear Dungeon. Running these areas on higher difficulties allows you to get rarer equipment than those found on lower difficulty levels.

Equipment Where to Get
Forsena Gear Fighting Spirit Dungeon Resezard
Menos Gear
Ash Gear Sage’s Dungeon Amzet
Ivory Gear

Main Story Quests

You can also get equipment by clearing main story quests. Gear is rewarded for finishing Chapters  1 and 2 on Hard and Very Hard difficulty while equipment pieces regularly drop from Chapter 3 onward on any difficulty setting.

Equipment Where to Get
Cotton Gear Chapter 1 (Hard and Very Hard difficulty), Chapter 3 (Any difficulty)
Hary Gear Chapter 2 (Hard and Very Hard difficulty), Chapter 4 (Any difficulty)
Oak Gear Chapter 5 (Any difficulty)

Equipment Set Bonuses

Wearing matching equipment pieces will grant characters special passive effects in battle. For a list of all equipment set bonuses, please click the link below.

Equipment Set Bonus Effects List

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