Echoes of Mana - How to Farm Spirit Crystals

A guide on how to farm Spirit Crystals in Echoes of Mana, including the best methods to collect Spirit Crystals during the early, middle, and late game stages and recommended quests to run.

Echoes of Mana - How to Farm Spirit Crystals

How to Farm Spirit Crystals in Echoes of Mana

Spirit Crystals are a valuable in-game resource in Echoes of Mana used to summon characters through the Harvest banner gacha. Because of this, it is important to spend time farming Spirit Crystals if you want to obtain more powerful characters while progressing through the main story quests.

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Best Ways to Farm Spirit Crystals

Early Stages- Story Quest Chapters 1 and 3 (Hard Difficulty)

For accumulating a good amount of Spirit Crystals during the early stages of the game, it is recommended to farm chapters 1 and 3 on Hard difficulty. Clearing either chapter in their entirety will earn you about 1,000 Spirit Crystals which is pretty decent, especially near the start of the main story. Before taking attempting to farm these chapters on Hard, try to get your characters to somewhere around 2,000 combat power (PWR) for smoother runs.

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Other Tips for Farming

Complete Daily Missions

You can get 150 Spirit Crystal each day by completing Daily Missions. Because of this, try to log-in and play everyday to get as many crystals as possible.

Recommended Daily Routine

Clear Bingo Missions

Certain objectives under Bingo Missions also reward you with Spirit Crystals. It is recommended to spend time clearing these missions to earn more crystals in the game.

Increase Character Bond Levels

Spirit Crystals are also rewarded for raising the bond levels of characters as you go through the game’s main story. This method allows you to get about 650 crystals if you manage to max out bond levels with different characters in your team.

Character Bond Level and Rewards

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