Echoes of Mana - How to Raise Bond Level and Rewards

A guide on how to raise character bond level in Echoes of Mana. Included are the ways to deepen your bond with various characters in the game and rewards unlocked.

Echoes of Mana - How to Raise Bond Level

How to Raise Bond Level in Echoes of Mana

Clear Quests to Deepen Character Bond

You can increase the bond level of characters in Echoes of Mana by completing quests in the game. Note that you gain 1 bond experience point each time you clear a quest regardless of its difficulty. Because of this, it is recommended to run quests on the easiest difficulty setting if you intend to grind bond levels.

Raising character bond levels rewards you with Spirit Crystals and will even unlock new character dialogue that reveals interesting bits of information about them, their origins, and other references to past games in the Mana series.

How to Farm Spirit Crystals

Tips to Efficiently Raise Bond Level

Use Different Characters in Your Party

Avoid using the same character in the six-person formation as only one of them will actually earn a bond experience point. You can also try including characters you do not normally use in your team as sub units to simply raise their bond levels.

Bond Level Rewards

Below is a list of rewards you can unlock for raising character bond level in the game.

Level Rewards
1 Experience Tome x1, Bronze Coin x4
2 Spirit Crystal x50
3 New Character Hub Dialogue
4 Spirit Crystal x50
5 New Character Hub Dialogue
6 Spirit Crystal x50
7 New Character Hub Dialogue
8 Spirit Crystal x50
9 New Character Hub Dialogue
10 Spirit Crystal x50
11 New Character Hub Dialogue
12 Spirit Crystal x50
13 New Character Hub Dialogue
14 Spirit Crystal x50
15 New Character Hub Dialogue
16 Spirit Crystal x50
17 New Character Hub Dialogue
18 Spirit Crystal x50
19 New Character Hub Dialogue
20 Spirit Crystal x200

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