Echoes of Mana - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Echoes of Mana Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Page containing all main story quest battle list and walkthroughs, event list and walkthroughs, harvest character list and information, best ally unit tier lists, best memory gem tier lists, best equipment, game databases, cheats, tips and tricks, news and updates, and more. Echoes of Mana is a single-player, mobile action role-playing developed by Wright Flyer Studios and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android.

News and Updates

▼News and Updates

Tier Lists

▼Tier Lists


▼All Echoes of Mana Characters
Echoes of Mana - Quilto Character IconQuilto Echoes of Mana - Quilta Character IconQuilta
Echoes of Mana - Duffle Character IconDuffle Echoes of Mana - Honeycomb Character IconHoneycomb
Echoes of Mana - Baashear Character IconBaashear Echoes of Mana - Blainchet Character IconBlainchet
Echoes of Mana - Raxa Character IconRaxa Echoes of Mana - Mousseline Character IconMousseline
Echoes of Mana - Lady Moti Character IconLady Moti Echoes of Mana - Watts Character IconWatts
Echoes of Mana - Nicco Character IconNicco Echoes of Mana - Mana Goddess Character IconMana Goddess
Echoes of Mana - Ebon Knight Character IconEbon Knight

All Mana Series Characters

Ally Banner Units

All Ally Banner Units

5★ Star and 4★ Star Ally Units

▼All 5★ and 4★ Ally Banners
Echoes of Mana - Crimson Wizard -Flaming Dark Magic- Ally Banner IconCrimson Wizard -Flaming Dark Magic- Echoes of Mana - Shiloh -Encounter Sprung from a Seed- Ally Banner IconShiloh -Encounter Sprung from a Seed-
Echoes of Mana - Popoi -Headed for the Home Village- Ally Banner IconPopoi -Headed for the Home Village- Echoes of Mana - Angela -Magic Power in Bloom- Ally Banner IconAngela -Magic Power in Bloom-
Echoes of Mana - Sumo -Overcoming Myriad Farewells- Ally Banner IconSumo -Overcoming Myriad Farewells- Echoes of Mana - Riesz -Pride of Amazon- Ally Banner IconRiesz -Pride of Amazon-
Echoes of Mana - Duran -Thrilling Blade Flash- Ally Banner IconDuran -Thrilling Blade Flash- Echoes of Mana - Keldric -Guided by the Great Tree- Ally Banner IconKeldric -Guided by the Great Tree-
Echoes of Mana - Kevin -The Beast Within- Ally Banner IconKevin -The Beast Within-  Echoes of Mana - Hawkeye -Pride of Thieves- Ally Banner IconHawkeye -Pride of Thieves 
Echoes of Mana - Lady Blackpearl -Jumi's Finest- Ally Banner IconLady Blackpearl -Jumi’s Finest- Echoes of Mana - Serafina -A World of Encounters- Ally Banner IconSerafina -A World of Encounters- 
All 5 Star Ally Units All 4 Star Ally Units

3★ Star Ally Units

▼All 3★ Ally Banners
Echoes of Mana - Serafina -A Sprouting Encounter- Ally Banner IconSerafina -A Sprouting Encounter- Echoes of Mana - Charlotte -Fifteen in the Flush of Youth- Ally Banner IconCharlotte -Fifteen in the Flush of Youth-
Echoes of Mana - Amanda -For Affection's Sake- Ally Banner IconAmanda -For Affection’s Sake- Echoes of Mana - Julius -Hidden Ambitions- Ally Banner IconJulius -Hidden Ambitions-
Echoes of Mana - Primm -Lovely Rowdy Lass- Ally Banner IconPrimm -Lovely Rowdy Lass- Echoes of Mana - Hawkeye -Sentiments for a Friend- Ally Banner IconHawkeye -Sentiments for a Friend-
Echoes of Mana - Kevin -To Save a Friend- Ally Banner IconKevin -To Save a Friend- Echoes of Mana - Duran -Young Soldier of Valsena- Ally Banner IconDuran -Young Soldier of Valsena-
Echoes of Mana - Randi -In Fervor and Fearlessness- Ally Banner IconRandi -In Fervor and Fearlessness-
Echoes of Mana - Elazul -Young Jumi Knight- Ally Banner IconElazul -Young Jumi Knight-

All 3 Star Banner Units

2★ Star and 1★ Star Ally Units

▼All 2★ and 1★ Ally Banners
Echoes of Mana - Honeycomb Ally Banner IconHoneycomb Echoes of Mana - Julius Ally Banner IconJulius
Echoes of Mana - Mousseline Ally Banner IconMousseline Echoes of Mana - Raxa Ally Banner IconRaxa
Echoes of Mana - Sierra Ally Banner IconSierra Echoes of Mana - Quilta Ally Banner IconQuilta
All 2 Star Ally Units All 1 Star Ally Units

Memory Gems

All Memory Gems

4★ Memory Gems

▼All 4★ Memory Gems
Echoes of Mana - Little Spirit Faye Memory GemLittle Spirit Faye Echoes of Mana - Machine Golem ShuffleMachine Golem Shuffle
Echoes of Mana - Rulers of the World Memory GemRulers of the World Echoes of Mana - Sword from Above Memory GemSword from Above
Echoes of Mana - The Chosen One Memory GemThe Chosen One Echoes of Mana - The Tale Begins Memory GemThe Tale Begins
Echoes of Mana - Aim for Wind Acorns Memory GemAim for Wind Acorns Echoes of Mana - The Tower on High Memory GemThe Tower on High
Echoes of Mana - Seamless Energy Memory GemSeamless Synergy Echoes of Mana - Howl Under the Moon Memory GemHowl Under the Moon
Echoes of Mana - Chasing the Light Memory GemChasing the Light
Echoes of Mana - A Hostile Interrogation Memory GemA Hostile Interrogation

All 4 Star Memory Gems

3★ Memory Gems

▼All 3★ Memory Gems
Echoes of Mana - Seekers of Mana Memory GemSeekers of Mana Echoes of Mana - A Branch Bestowed Memory GemA Branch Bestowed
Echoes of Mana - Run for It Memory GemRun for It Echoes of Mana - All I Have Left Memory GemAll I Have Left
Echoes of Mana - The Wind in Our Sails Memory GemThe Wind in Our Sails Echoes of Mana - Big Bad WerewolvesBig Bad Werewolves
Echoes of Mana - Hi-yo Mech Rider! Away! Memory GemHi-yo Mech Rider! Away! Echoes of Mana - I won't hear it! Memory GemI won’t hear it!

All 3 Star Memory Gems

2★ Star Memory Gems

▼All 2★ Memory Gems
Echoes of Mana - Pamaela Memory GemPamaela Echoes of Mana - Seamoon Memory GemSeamoon
Echoes of Mana - Von Boyage Memory GemVon Boyage Echoes of Mana - Krissie Memory GemKrissie

All 2 Star Memory Gems

Strategy Guides

Getting Started

▼Beginner Guides
What to Do First Reroll Guide
Tips for Beginners Best Starting Team
Permanent Events

Useful Guides

▼Useful Guides
Best Teams How to Farm Spirit Crystals
Leveling Guide Co-op Guide
Best Tutorial Harvest Characters How to Get Equipment
How to Level Up Memory Gems How to Raise Bond Level
Matching Character Attributes How to Farm Lucre
How to Raise Combat Power (PWR) Stamina (AP and SP) Guide
How to Get Spell Shards How to Get 5★ Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic)
How to Raise Weapon Proficiency Equipment Set Bonuses
Recommended Daily Routine How to Transfer Data
How to Get Altena Alloy

Game Database

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All Characters All Memory Gems
All Ally Banners Weapons List


Friend and Co-Op Recruitment Page

Game Trailer

Echoes of Mana – Animation Trailer

Source: Official Square Enix YouTube Channel

Game Information

Title Echoes of Mana (WW)
Genre Single-player / Multiplayer / Role-playing
System iOS / Android
Developer Wright Flyer Studios
Publisher Square Enix
Release date April 28, 2022 (iOS and Android)
Official Website