Echoes of Mana - How to Level Up Memory Gems

A guide on how to level up Memory Gems in Echoes of Mana, including effects of raising Memory Gem level, required materials, how to uncap level limit, and other useful tips.

Echoes of Mana - How to Level Up Memory Gems

How to Level Up Memory Gems in Echoes of Mana

Raise Memory Gem Level using Enhancement Materials

In Echoes of Mana, you can raise the level of Memory Gems by using special enhancement materials found in Training Dungeons (material dungeon). These areas become accessible once you have cleared story quest 2-12 and can be farmed solo or with other players.

Memory Gem Tier List

Leveling up Memory Gems increases their parameters, making them more powerful in battle. As Memory Gems reach very high levels, they will require rare materials to enhance which are found in more challenging dungeons in the game.

Memory Gem Level Limit Uncap

Memory Gems have a level cap that prevents them from being strengthened further. To uncap a Memory Gem’s level limit, you will need to have another copy of the gem and have your enhanced one assimilate it.

Level Limit Per Memory Gem Rarity

The level cap varies based on a Memory Gem’s rarity as indicated in the table below.

Rarity Limit New Limit (After Uncap)
★★★★ 40 60
★★★ 30 50
★★ 20 40

Raising a Memory Gem’s level cap grants a number of incredible benefits such as further improving the gem’s stats and effectiveness of assist skills. For 3-star Memory Gems and higher, uncapping them will also raise their spirit magic level.

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