Echoes of Mana - Recommended Daily Routine

Recommended daily routine for Echoes of Mana, including important quests to do each day to help you progress more efficiently in the game.

Echoes of Mana - Recommended Daily Routine

Recommended Daily Routine in Echoes of Mana

Below is our recommended daily routine for playing Echoes of Mana which lets you progress more efficiently through the game’s main story.

Daily Routine Summary

What to Do Everyday
  • Claim Login Bonuses
  • Clear at least 3 Main Story or Event Quests
  • Clear 3 Daily Training Quests
  • Clear at least 3 Training Dungeons
  • Claim Daily Mission Rewards

Claim Login Bonuses

Try to log into the game everyday to receive useful login bonuses such as Spirit Crystals, Lucre, and consumable items. Note that the game begins a new day cycle every 4:00 AM. At this time, you will automatically be returned to the title screen.

Clear At Least 3 Main Story or Event Quests

It is recommended to finish at least 3 main story quests everyday as this allows you to receive rewards under the Daily missions. Bear in mind that you do not need to clear 3 different quests to meet this objective. This means that you can simply run the same quest 3 times to get the Daily rewards.

Clear 3 Daily Training Quests

Daily Training Quests can only be undertaken up to 3 times each day. These quests are among the most reliable sources of materials required to upgrade characters and Memory Gems so try to farm them whenever you can every day.

Clear at Least 3 Training Dungeons

Completing Training Dungeons 3 times also lets you get rewards under the Daily missions. Altar Vigil Item Dungeons, in particular, should be cleared as often as possible to receive materials used for upgrading character mana boards, allowing you to take on higher-level content in the game.

Claim Daily Mission Bonuses

Once you have finished all of the routine activities indicated above, you should now be able to clear some Daily Mission rewards which include Spirit Crystals, various upgrade materials, and other useful items.

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