Echoes of Mana - How to Transfer Data

A guide on how to transfer game data to a new device in Echoes of Mana.

Echoes of Mana - How to Transfer Data

How to Transfer Data in Echoes of Mana

Echoes of Mana supports game data transfer from one device to another by generating a unique Data Transfer ID. You can access the data transfer feature once you reach the game’s main hub (Village) upon clearing main story chapter 1-1.

Things to Do First

Steps to Transfer Data to a New Device

Below are the steps to transfer your Echoes of Mana game progress data on a new device from the main hub screen at any time during play.

1 From the Village hub, tap on quick menu on the upper right corner of the screen.
2 Scroll down and tap on Data Transfer.
3 Feel free to read the Data Transfer Details if you want. Then, tap on Data Transfer Setup.
4 Once the game generates a Data Transfer ID, copy it on the device you want to move your data to.
5 Create a password you will use to transfer the data to the new device.
6 Install Echoes of Mana on the new device you want to play on.
7 Select User Support from the title screen and go to Data Transfer.
8 Input the Data Transfer ID and password you created on your previous device.
9 Finally, confirm your account to complete the data transfer.

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