Echoes of Mana - Matching Character Attributes

A guide on matching character attributes in Echoes of Mana. Included are the benefits of pairing characters with the same attributes in your party and other useful tips to gain the advantage in battle.

Echoes of Mana - Matching Character Attributes

Matching Character Attributes in Echoes of Mana

Pair Characters of the Same Attribute as Much as Possible

In Echoes of Mana, it is recommended to pair a main and sub character with the same attribute type in battle. Doing so allows the sub character’s special ability gauge to accumulate whenever the main character attacks. Afterwards, you can switch out to your sub character and use their special abilities in critical moments, especially against tough enemies like bosses.

Ally Character Tier List

Other Mechanics Related to Attributes

Enemies are Weak to Specific Attributes

Various enemies in the game are weak to different attributes so using the right combination of characters will make defeating them much easier. Be sure to check the quest details to get information on monsters you will encounter and organize your party to gain the advantage.

Note that enemy attacks do not possess any attribute so it is impossible to mitigate damage they deal by using characters of a specific type. Conversely, enemies with attributes that have advantages over your characters will not be dealing extra damage.

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