Echoes of Mana - Crimson Wizard Character Guide

A character guide about Crimson Wizard in Echoes of Mana. Included are basic information on the character, overview, base and max stats, and skills.

Echoes of Mana - Crimson Wizard Character Guide

Crimson Wizard Character Guide in Echoes of Mana

He is one of the rarest character in Echoes of Mana that you can use to continue on your journey. Here’s a the list of his stats and basic guide.

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The True Queen’s chief assistant, Crimson Wizard is a young gifted wizard from Altena and has the power to command the Kingdom’s magi. He orders them to storm Valsena, the Kingdom of the Knights. The Crimson Wizard plots to harness the energy contained in the Mana stones for a dark purpose.

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Crimson Wizard Information


Name Crimson Wizard
Base Rarity ★★★★★
Element Fire
Weapon Staff
Game Origin Trials of Mana
Title Flaming Dark Magic

Base Stats

201 216 88 66 115 92 46

Max Stats

1622 334 747 577 866 693 104


Skill Effect MP Cost (Lv. 1) MP Cost (Max)
Exploder Crimson Wizard deals fire Magic Damage and can do a 5 hit combo. 30 25
Mystic Torrent INT: +20% | +40% (60s) (Effect boosts by SLv.)/CON: -40% (60s) (Debuff). 30
Ancient Curse Crimson Wizard deals fire Magic Damage. ST ST
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How to Get the 5★ Crimson Wizard

Echoes of Mana - Crimson Wizard (Twilwool Spell Shard Trader)

You can get the 5★ Character – Crimson Wizard by going into the Tower Redemption and trading some spell shards. Here’s a more detailed guide on how you can get this character:

Guide on How to Get 5★ Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic)

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