Echoes of Mana - Reroll Guide

Reroll guide for Echoes of Mana, including detailed steps on how to delete your game data to get the best characters at the start of the game through the Harvest event banners and other useful tips.

Echoes of Mana - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Reroll Guide in Echoes of Mana

Echoes of Mana is a free-to-play action role-playing mobile game from Square Enix featuring characters from the Mana series. Following a gacha-style format, the game lets you obtain and collect various characters and Memory Gems at random from different character and item pools known as Harvest banners.

Assembling a good team is crucial for progressing through the main story, so it is recommended to get the best characters from Harvest banners as much as possible. Luckily, it is possible to reroll at the start of the game if you did not get the characters you want through a simple method detailed below.

How to Unlock the Event Banner

Clear 1-1 Story Battle: Monster Bash to Access Ally Harvest (Gacha)

After downloading the game, you need to go through a short tutorial section with Hawkeye. Once you finish the tutorial and reach the village, you must begin 1-1 Story: Knights of Slight Stature and clear the battle Monster Bash with Duffle and Honeycomb. Doing so will unlock the Tutorial Harvest banner where you can reroll for a 3★ character with no limit.

Best Tutorial Harvest Characters to Get

Once you have obtained your guaranteed 3-star hero, you can return to the main screen and click on the Gift Box icon. You will receive your pre-registration gifts which includes the 4★ Ally Echo Harvest Ticket, about 6,670 crystals, and other free items. The 4★ ticket, in particular, allows you to summon one 4★ character (guaranteed) from the limited event banner.

To use the ticket, go to Harvest from the village menu. Then, tap on the right arrow to go to the 4★ Echo Harvest banner. Tap on Harvest x1 to spend your ticket to get a guaranteed 4★ character.

Once you have obtained a 4★ character, you will automatically be taken to the Release Celebration Harvest banner which features increased chances to get Riesz (Pride of Amazon) and Duran (Thrilling Blade Flash). Tap on Harvest x10 which will let you spend 2,700 crystals to pull 10 characters in one go, guaranteeing you one 3-star character each time. Note that you will be able to do a 10-character pull twice. Afterwards, us the remaining crystals to pull one character three times if you want or immediately reroll (see method below).

How to Farm Spirit Crystals

How to Reroll

Delete User Data from the Title Screen

If you do not like the characters or Memory Gems you got from the Harvest banners, you can choose to reroll through a simple reset method to get another chance of getting your preferred characters.

To reroll, you need to reset your current progress in the game. Go to the Title or Main Menu and select on User Services. Then, click on Delete User Data and select Confirm. This will let you clear all the game data including the characters and Memory Gems you have rolled so far.

How to Transfer Data

Skip the Tutorial to Quickly Reroll Again

From there, just start the game again. You can also get to skip the tutorial part so you can return to the village section immediately that allows you summon from the Tutorial Harvest, Echo Harvest event, and Release Celebration Harvest event again until you get the characters that you desire and a team that would you would like to continue the journey with.

Ally Banner List 

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