Echoes of Mana - Weapons List

A list of all Weapons in Echoes of Mana. Included are basic information on the weapon, name, type, and description,

Echoes of Mana - Weapons List

All Weapons in Echoes of Mana

weapon in echoes of mana

Below is a list of all Weapon types in Echoes of Mana. Weapons are listed by type available in the game.

Please note that this page is currently being updated. 

For a list of the Characters that uses these weapons, click on the link below:

All Ally Banner Characters List

All Types of Weapons

  • Axe
  • Boomerang
  • Bow
  • Flail
  • Glove
  • Knife
  • Polearm
  • Staff
  • Sword

List of Characters


Element Banner Rarity Character
Light/Axe 3★ Shiloh -Weaver of Fantasies-
Earth/Axe 3★ Wanderer -The Niccolo Vagabond-


Name Banner Rarity Character
Fire/Boomerang 4★ Popoi -Headed for the Home Village-
Wind/Boomerang 3★ Primm -Strong and Sweet-


Element Banner Rarity Character
Earth/Bow 3★ Serafina -A Sprouting Encounter-
Earth/Bow 3★ Popoi -I’m the Boss!-
Water/Bow 3★ Lekius -Unwavering Friendship-
Wind/Bow 2★ Blainchet


Element Banner Rarity Character
Light/Flail 3★ Charlotte -Fifteen in the Flush of Youth-


Element Banner Rarity Character
Dark/Glove 3★ Ludgar -Body of Practical Study-
Water/Glove 3★ Primm -Lovely Rowdy Lass-
Wind/Glove 3★ Niccolo -Smile for Mew!-
Earth/Glove 3★ Kevin -To Save a Friend-
Earth/Glove 2★ Ludgar
Wind/Glove 2★ Raxa


Element Banner Rarity Character
Wind/Knife 3★ Amanda -For Affection’s Sake-
Light/Knife 3★ Sierra -Proud Dragoon-
Earth/Knife 2★ Amanda
Water/Knife 2★ Ben
Fire/Knife 2★ Bil
Water/Knife 2★ Sierra


Element Banner Rarity Character
Wind/Polearm 4★ Riesz -Pride of Amazon-
Water/Polearm 3★ Serafina -Guided by Calling Dreams-
Water/Polearm 3★ Riesz -Search for a Brother-
Water/Polearm 3★ Sumo -Swordsman Starting Out-
Wind/Polearm 3★ Randi -In Fervor and Fearlessness-
Fire/Polearm 2★ Duffle
Light/Polearm 1★ Quilto
Light/Polearm 1★ Quilta


Element Banner Rarity Character
Fire/Staff 5★ Crimson Wizard -Flaming Dark Magic-
Water/Staff 4★ Angela -Magic Power in Bloom-
Fire/Staff 3★ Julius -Hidden Ambitions-
Fire/Staff 3★ Angela -Rebelling Against Fate-
Dark/Staff 3★ Thanatos -Stealthy Shadow-
Moon/Staff 2★ Honeycomb
Wind/Staff 2★ Julius
Wood/Staff 2★ Mousseline
Fire/Staff 2★ Thanatos


Element Banner Rarity Character
Dark/Sword 4★ Shiloh -Encounter Sprung from a Seed-
Light/Sword 4★ Sumo -Overcoming Myriad Farewells-
Earth/Sword 4★ Duran -Thrilling Blade Flash-
Wind/Sword 4★ Keldric -Guided by the Great Tree-
Earth/Sword 3★ Ferrik -Beyond the Great Calamity-
Light/Sword 3★ Randi -Fate by Fluke-
Dark/Sword 3★ Dark Lord -Knight in the Brutal Armor-
Fire/Sword 3★ Duran -Young Soldier of Valsena-
Water/Sword 2★ Dark Lord
Wind/Sword 2★ Ferrik

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