Echoes of Mana - How to Get Spell Shards

A guide on how to get Spell Shards in Echoes of Mana, including quests and events to obtain the collectible, where to spend them, and obtainable rewards.

Echoes of Mana - How to Get Spell Shards

How to Get Spell Shards in Echoes of Mana

Spell Shards are a type of collectible resource in Echoes of Mana used to trade for special items in Twilwool Tower. The special area is unlocked once you have cleared main story quest 4-13.

Things to Do First

Clear Twilwool Tower Floors to get Spell Shards

You can earn Spell Shards by clearing the various floors of Twilwool Tower. Note that enemies in each floor are varied and are more challenging to defeat than those encountered during main story quests so it is recommended to attempt it after organizing a strong team.

Spell Shards are rewarded for every 10 floors cleared in the tower in addition to other useful items.

Spell Shard Trader

Spells Shards you have accumulated from Twilwool Tower’s various floors can be exchanged for unique rewards. From the Twilwool Tower menu, tap on Trader on the left side of screen to view all available items you can get using Spell Shards.

5★ Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic)

Echoes of Mana - Crimson Wizard (Twilwool Spell Shard Trader)

The only exchangeable item currently available in the Twilwool Tower Trader is 5★ Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic). This character is a powerful Fire/Rod attacker and is one of the best offensive units in the game. Crimson Wizard can easily clear waves of enemies thanks to his area-of-effect ranged magic attacks. He is the only character with a base rarity of 5★ and is an excellent addition to any team, especially if you have 4★ Popoi (Fire/Boomerang) in your roster.

How to Get 5★ Crimson Wizard (Flaming Dark Magic)

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