Echoes of Mana - How to Raise Weapon Proficiency

A guide on how to raise weapon proficiency in Echoes of Mana, including basic information on the mechanic, ways to level up weapon proficiency fast, and other useful tips.

Echoes of Mana - How to Raise Weapon Proficiency

How to Raise Weapon Proficiency in Echoes of Mana

Weapon proficiency is a mechanic in Echoes of Mana that grants damage bonuses to characters using specific types of weapons (axe, bow, glove, polearm, sword, boomerang, flail, knife, and staff). Increasing your proficiency boosts damage dealt from normal attacks, skills, and special techniques, allowing you to take on more challenging quests throughout the game.

Note that weapon proficiency is a player stat and not a character stat. This means that all characters in your current roster of allies will benefit from leveling up specific proficiencies regardless of whether you frequently run them in your party or not.

How to Check Your Weapon Proficiencies

You can view your weapon proficiencies by accessing the quick menu from the upper right corner of the screen. Then, go to Profile to view your current weapon proficiency levels for all of the 9 weapon types.

Clear Quests to Increase Weapon Proficiency

To raise weapon proficiency, you simply need to clear quests as often as possible by having characters using specific weapon types in your party. As you complete quests in the game, you will gain proficiency points for leveling up your weapon proficiency.

Tips to Increase Weapon Proficiency Fast

Pair characters with the same weapon type.

To raise weapon proficiency quickly, it is recommended to pair two characters with the same weapon type on one member slot. Doing so will essentially double the proficiency points you gain for a weapon, making the process of leveling it up more efficient when running quests in the game.

Clear quests on lower difficulties.

The proficiency points you earn is generally the same regardless of the quest’s difficulty. Because of this, try to run quests at lower difficulties for an easier time leveling up.

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