Echoes of Mana - How to Get Altena Alloy

A guide on how to get Altena Alloy in Echoes of Mana, including the best ways to farm the material and other useful tips.

Echoes of Mana - How to Get Altena Alloy

How to Get Altena Alloy in Echoes of Mana

What is Altena Alloy?

Altena Alloy is a rare type of material used to upgrade equipment in Echoes of Mana. They are relatively hard to come by and are usually obtained in very small amounts throughout the game. If you want to fully max out your gear, you should take the time to farm Altena Alloy from the different sources indicated below.

Where to Get It

Selling Equipment at the Smithy

You can get Altena Alloy by selling equipment of varying rarity that you do not need at the village smithy. Note that more Altena Alloy is received for turning in upgraded equipment.

How to Get Equipment

Below is a summary of Altena Alloy received based on the rarity of equipment sold at the smithy.

Equipment Rarity Altena Alloy Received
★★★★★ (5) Altena Alloy (L) x2, Altena Alloy (S) x1
★★★★ (4) Altena Alloy (L) x1, Altena Alloy (S) x4
★★★ (3) Altena Alloy (M) x1, Altena Alloy (S) x2
★★ (2) Altena Alloy (S) x4
★ (1) Altena Alloy (S) x2

Farming Gear Dungeons

You can also occasionally find Altena Alloy by running Gear Dungeons. Since you will likely be farming Gear Dungeons for equipment to sell off at the smithy anyway, try to run these areas as often as possible to get the amount of Altena Alloy you need to upgrade your equipment.

Claiming Mission Rewards

Altena Alloy is also among the items you receive for completing different Regular, Daily, and Bingo missions. Be sure to spend time clearing these objectives by doing main story and event quests if you run out of Special Points (SP) from doing Gear Dungeons.

Clearing Twilwool Tower Floors

You can also get Altena Alloy as reward for clearing Twilwool Tower floors. Before attempting to run the tower, it is recommended to set-up a strong team as enemies encountered on the different floors are considerably stronger than those found in mains story quests.

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