Echoes of Mana - How to Raise Combat Power

A guide on how to raise character combat power in Echoes of Mana, including ways to improve attack rating by upgrading the Mana Board, ascending characters, and leveling up Memory gems.

Echoes of Mana - How to Increase Combat Power

How to Raise Combat Power in Echoes of Mana

Below are the ways to increase character combat power or PWR in Echoes of Mana, including recommended ways to enhance character stats and required materials.

Unlock and Upgrade Character Mana Board

The most straightforward way of increasing combat power is to unlock a character’s Mana Board by leveling them up. Once the board is released, you will need to farm Mana Board enhancement materials like Gnome Copper, Silver, and Gold coins to strengthen your character. These items can be obtained from Material Dungeons upon clearing story mission 2-12.

Ascend Characters

You can ascend characters to uncap their level limit and, allowing you to enhance their combat power further through leveling and upgrading their Mana Board. To undergo ascension, you will need to use characters of the same rarity as the one you want to ascend and essentially use them as materials. This process will also increase a character’s rarity indicated by the stars below their icon.

Upgrade Memory Gems

Memory Gems grant characters special bonuses to their parameters, including combat power, when equipped. Because of this, you will want to level up your Memory Gems using materials also found in Material Dungeons. This grants your gems improved stats which will greatly increase a character’s power in battle.

How to Level Up Memory Gems

When choosing which Memory Gems to level up, try to focus on 4-star ones as these usually provide the best stat upgrades to characters when equipped.

Memory Gem Tier List

Enhance Equipment

Equipment, particularly weapons, greatly affect your character’s combat power so it is only natural to want to spend time upgrading them. Items used to upgrade weapons are also found in Material Dungeons, so it is worth taking the time farming these areas if you want to improve your character’s offensive potential.

Where to Get Equipment

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