Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl - All HM List and Locations

A list of all Hidden Machines (HM) in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (Pokemon BDSP) and where to find them in the game.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl - All HM List and Locations

All HM List and Locations in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Hidden Machines (HM) are special items that allow you to perform special moves outside of battle in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (Pokemon BDSP). These actions allow you to cross special terrain,  clear obstacles in the field, or reach areas that you cannot do so by any other means.

All TM List and Locations

Because of the usefulness of HMs, it is worth knowing where to get all of them in the game. Note that HM moves only become usable on the field (outside of battle) after clearing specific Pokemon Gym Battles.

Difference of HMs from Previous Titles

Removes the Need for HM Slave

In previous Pokemon games, HM moves can only be used if you have a Pokemon in the party that has learned the move. Because of this, players usually have one “HM slave” or a Pokemon whose only purpose in the team is to use HM moves in the field.

In Pokemon BDSP, however, any HMs you obtain are automatically implemented on the Poketch app, making them available to you at any time regardless of your Pokemon. Removing the need for an HM slave, therefore, frees up one slot in your team for a Pokemon that is actually useful in battle.

HM list

Below is a list of all HMs in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, including how to get each HM and requirements to be able to use them outside of battle.

Name How to Get Field Use Requirement
Cut Obtained from Cynthia after entering Eterna City. Clear Eterna City Gym
Fly Obtained after entering the Team Galactic Warehouse hideout in Veilstone City. Clear Veilstone City Gym
Surf Obtained from Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic City after defeating Team Galactic in the Ruins. Check the paintings and she will appear. Clear Celestic City Gym
Strength Obtained from the old lady at The Lost Tower on Route 209. Clear Canalave City Gym
Defog Talk to the Ace Trainer to the right of the Great Marsh Gate near Pastoria City. Clear Pastoria City Gym
Rock Smash Obtained from the Hiker when you enter Oreburgh Gate. Clear Oreburgh City Gym
Waterfall Obtained from Jasmine after defeating Sunnyshore Gym Leader Volkner. Clear Sunnyshore City Gym
Rock Climb Found outside the cabin in the snowstorm (upper right section) on Route 217. Clear Snowpoint Gym

Technical Machine (TM) Versions of HMs

Each HM has an equivalent TM that an individual Pokemon can learn and use in battle. They can be obtained from the Battle Tower Exchange counter by trading any Battle Points (BP) you have accumulated.

TM Name Cost (BP)
93 Cut 32
94 Fly 40
95 Surf 64
96 Strength 40
97 Defog 32
98 Rock Smash 40
99 Waterfall 64
100 Rock Climb 32

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