Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Crisp Climb Castle Cat Shines

A guide and walkthrough on how to get all Crisp Climb Castle Cat Shines in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Included are all objectives to find each Cat Shine collectible, Cat Shine Shards, and strategies to get them.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury - Crisp Climb Cat Shines

Crisp Climb Cat Shines

Make the Lighthouse Shine

From the starting level, grab a Propeller Box power-up from one one of the rows of boxes ahead and make your way up the tower with the rotating platforms. Once you reach the top, time your jump and fly up to the next tower ahead.

Continue moving up and until the path turns to the right. Go around it to find some wooden alternating wooden platforms going up. When you reach the top, move to your right along the spinning windmill platforms to cross to the wooden ledge on the other side. Continue moving to the right until you come up to a larger spinning windmill platform (it will spin in the opposite direction so be careful not to fall). Move along and upwards a bit more to find the Cat Shine in front of the lighthouse.

Slippery Skirmish

From the arch in front of the lighthouse in the beginning of the level, turn around and to find a purple button on once of the icebergs a little to your right. Ground pound the button to trigger the objective and defeat the enemies to get the Cat Shine.

Hurry! Fly Through the Frost!

Pass through the arch in front of the lighthouse in the beginning of the level to trigger this objective. Be sure to grab another Propeller Box power-up from one of the boxes lined up on the ledge. Afterwards, jump up to find another purple button you can ground pound. Simply follow the rotating platforms and get to the Cat Shine before time runs out.

Hurry! Slide Through the Sky!

Go down to the arch again and look a little to your left to find a mini-game ring with Plessie’s picture in it. Ride Plessie and go through the ring and complete the course to get the Cat Shine.

Blast the Fury Blocks

Ride Plessie to the back of the base of the lighthouse tower to find the fury blocks which Bowser can destroy. Stand in front of them and wait for Bowser to shoot his flame breath. Move out of the way just in time to avoid taking damage and get the Cat Shine afterwards.

Fury Shadow on Ice

Go back to the arch in front of the lighthouse tower to find the Fury Shadow. Attack him three times to make him drop a Cat Shine. Since it will be hard to chase the Fury Shadow because of the terrain, grab a Boomerang Flower from the box to your left and attack him from a distance.

Five Cat Shard Shines

  1. The fist shard is in the air above the first rotating platform tower. You need the Propeller Box to be able to get high enough to get it.
  2. The second shard is behind a narrow opening in the second rotating platform tower. When you come on one of the platforms, fly to the right (or the opposite direction where the platforms are rotating) to get the shard.
  3. Continue going up the second rotating platform tower until you reach the top area with an arrow pointing to the right. Instead of going right, move up to your left to find a hidden area and the third shard.
  4. Follow the regular path again along the windmill-like rotating platforms. Instead of going up to the wooden ledge above, go straight towards the end of the second windmill platform to find the next shard ahead. You will likely fall all the way to the ground doing this.
  5. Before going back up, be sure to have a Propeller Box with you. Go back up to the first set of windmill-like platforms and take the regular path this time by going up the wooden ledge. Continue working your way around the tower until you come up to the windmill rotating in the opposite direction. Fly to the gap in the center of the windmill to get the last shard.

All Cat Shine Locations

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