Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Queen Hisstocrat Boss Guide

A guide on how to beat Queen Hisstocrat in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Included are information on the area the boss is encountered, related objectives, recommended power-ups, attacks, strategy, and rewards for defeating them.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury - Queen Hisstocrat Boss Guide

Queen Hisstocrat Boss Guide

Hisstocrat is a boss encountered in World Bowser during the main story campaign of Super Mario 3D World. She appears as a pink serpent dressed in a royal outfit, complete with a silver crown and a bright yellow brooch.

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Areas Encountered World Bowser, World 12
Related Objectives Hisstocrat Returns
Recommended Power-ups
Rewards Warp Box, Green Star


Attack Countermeasure
Lava Shower Run
Call for ally Jump
Call for ally (no plate) Jump


Hisstocrat Returns

One of Hisstocrat’s attacks involves boulders. However, what sets her apart from the king is that the rocks are oozing with lava. When these rocks touch the ground, they become pools of fire that can burn the player. Avoid the fire pools.

When Hisstocrat summons the mob, they usually come with plates on their heads. You need to leap across the plates to take the Super Bells. Keep jumping to reach Hisstocrat’s head to hit him. Don’t stay on each plate for long or you’ll fall and take damage. Some of these have cracks which can shatter when stepped on. In addition, always check the ground to determine which snake behaves differently. Sometimes a snake won’t have a plate on its head, you can tell when this happens if the snake’s eyes show up before going to the surface. You need to keep hopping from one plate to the next until you land on the cross that’s placed on top of the different snake to hit it

World 12

You’ll fight Hisstocrat one more time and this time he’s accompanied by another. The pair can call for fire balls to fall down from the sky. When one of the pair takes damage, the remaining becomes temporarily immobile. Use this window to attack it.

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