Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Stamps

List of stamps in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, including the world, stamp, and locations.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Stamps List


Below is a list of stamps in Super Mario 3D World. We will update this as we go along.

World 1

World Stamp Where to find
1-1 (Super Bell Hill) Cat Mario Check in the middle of the Bell Trees. Entering the pipe to takes you to the stamp’s area.
1-2 (Koopa Troopa Cave) Coin After entering the pipe leading to the last area, look for a ? block. Climb up and leap to force out the ? block. Leap across the invisible path to coem to a ledge. Go through the pipe on the wall.
1-3 (Mount Beanpole) Cat Goompa From the starting point, check the spot flanked by the walls.
1-4 (Plessie’s Plunging Falls) Plessie After progressing half of the course, look around the side of the river forming a zig-zag.
1-5 (Switch Scramble Circus) Super Bell Search the elevated platform near the Goal Pole.
1-Castle (Bowser’s Highway Showdown) Bowser From the starting point, go through the moving platforms to find a wall filled by blocks. It requires a bomb from the cannons to break it.

World 2

World Stamp Where to find
2-1 (Conkdor Canyon) Mario Before reaching the moving platforms that takes you to the Goal Pole.
2-2 (Puffprod Peaks) Goomba From the starting point, look below the blue platforms.
2-3 (Shadow Play Alley) Piranha Plant Search for a dim spot beside the Piranha Plant.
2-4 (Really Rolling Hills) Small Mario From the starting point, check the right and trigger the mario switch.
2-5 (Double Cherry Pass) Fire Peach with Fireball After the checkpoint, search the left side for the three ? blocks. Have one clone climb the left block and then have the other hit it.
2- (Bowser’s Bullet Bill Brigade) Boom Boom After passing the second green star, search the back of boxes.
2- (Sprixie House) Happy green Sprixie Princess Facing world 2-3.

World 3

World Stamp Where to find
3-1 (Snowball Park) Para Biddybud Before entering the pipe that connects to the goal pole, make a detour to the zone with ice inhabited by snow pokeys.
3-2 (Chain Link Charge) Cat Luigi After passing by the flag, look behind the fence with a pipe. You need to use the cat suit to reach it.
3-3 (Shift Boo Mansion) Boo After passing by the painting with the green star, look for a couch and use it to reach the stamp.
3-4 (Pretty Plaza Panic) Small Peach Upon going through half of the course, look for a peach switch on top of a platform. Trigger it to find the stamp.
3-5 (Pipeline Lagoon) Cheep Cheep After passing by the flag, cross the water to reach an alcove.
3-6 (Mount Must Dash) Rabbit After passing the flag, navigate through the jump pads.
3-7 (Switchboard Falls) Stingby At the final section of the course, take a detour.
3- (The Bullet Bill Express) Pom Pom Before going to the boss area, go to the conductor’s area. The spot has a Fire Bro.
3- (Sprixie House) Crying Yellow Sprixie Princess Upper left side of the world.

World 4

World Stamp Where to find
4-1 (Ant Trooper Hill) Ant Trooper In the caves, check on top of the Ant Troopers.
4-2 (Piranha Creeper Creek) Pipe After dealing with the piranha creeper on the wall past the checkpoint, look for an isolated spot.
4-3 (Beep Block Skyway) Double Cherry Take the platform close to the checkpoint.
4-4 (Big Bounce Byway) 1-Up Mushroom Between the pair of wheels of para biddybuds during the ride.
4-5 (Spike’s Lost City) Spike After passing the slope at the starting point, look for a ledge close to a Spikes.
4- (Lava Rock Lair) Brolder Scale the wall after clear pipe. You must use the cat suit to reach this spot.
4- (Sprixie House) Mad Blue Sprixie Princess After defeating the boss.

World 5

World Stamp Where to find
5-1 (Sunshine Seaside) Koopa Troop out of shell
5-2 (Tricky Trapeze Theater) Luigi jumping
5-3 (Backstreet Bustle) Small Toad
5-4 (Sprawling Savanna) Cat Peach
5-5 (Bob-ombs Below) Bob-omb
5-6 (Cakewalk Flip) Peach
5-7 (Searchlight Sneak) Toad jumping
5- (King-Ka-thunk’s Castle) Chargin’ Chuck
5- (Sprixie House) Laughing Orange Sprixie Princess

World 6

World Stamp Where to find
6-1 (Clear Pipe Cruise) Captain Toad
6-2 (Spooky Seasick Wreck) Fire Flower
6-3 (Hands-On Hall) Coin Coffer and a Coin
6-4 (Deep Jungle Drift) Cat Toad
6-5 (Ty-Foo Flurries) Ice Skating Mario
6-6 (Bullet Bill Base) Stunned Galoomba
6-7 (Fuzzy Time Mine) Fuzzy
6- (Bowser’s Bob-omb Brigade) Blockstepper
6- Purple Sprixie Princess

World 7

World Stamp Where to find
?- (Fort Fire Bros.) Fire Mario with fireball
?-2 (Switchblack Ruins) Spiny
?-3 (Red Hot Run) Super Leaf
?-4 (Boiling Blue Bully Belt) Brick Block
?-5 (Trick Trap Tower) Magikoopa
?-6 (Rammerhead Reef) Blooper
?-7 (Simmering Lava Lake) Boomerang Flower
?-? (Bowser’s Lava Lake Keep) Boomerang Mario
?-? Cyan Sprixie Princess

World 8

World 9

World 12

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