Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Slipskate Slope Cat Shines

A guide and walkthrough on how to get all Slipskate Slope Cat Shines in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Included are all objectives to find each Cat Shine collectible, Cat Shine Shards, and strategies to get them.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury - Slipskate Slop Cat Shines

Slipskate Slop Cat Shines

Make the Lighthouse Shine

From the Giga Bell, ride Plessie and follow the water ramps until you reach until you reach a piece of land below the pillar holding the bridge to the lighthouse. Get off Plessie and proceed on the bridge and up the transparent tube that shoots you upward. When you reach the upper area, move forward and grab the skate car power-up to allow you to move on the spiked path without taking damage. Proceed again forward while passing through the spiked tunnels until you reach the lighthouse and the Cat Shine in front of it.

Five Cat Shine Shards

  1. The first shard is found in front of the first skate car power-up after you reach the upper area from the transparent tube.
  2. The second shard is found in the air just before the first spiked tunnel. Use the skate car power-up and launch yourself off the ramp and do a jump to get it.
  3. The third shard is inside the first spiked tunnel and is hard to miss.
  4. The fourth shard is at the top of the second spiked tunnel. Make a jump over the gap so you end up on top of the tunnel.
  5. The last shard is found in the air as you launch from the ramp just before the lighthouse. Be sure to jump at the right moment to grab it.

Missing Calico Cat (1 of 3)

The Mother Calico Cat will appear near the Giga Bell. You can find one of her kittens on the base of the Giga Bell platform on the lower left part of the area.

Missing Calico Cat (2 of 3)

The second Calico kitten is on top of the arch just in front of the Clawswipe Colosseum. Use the cat form to climb up and get the kitten.

Blast the Fury Blocks

When Bowser appears, go to the right side of the base of the Giga Bell platform and wait for Bowser to shoot his flame breath on the fury boxes. Stand near the boxes or cling to them, then move out of the way to avoid taking damage. Grab the Cat Shine afterwards.

Dash and Smash in the Clouds

Move to the patch of land directly opposite the Giga Bell and climb up the two yellow-leafed trees to reach the cloud above. This should take you to a new level above. Grab the Super Star and destroy the enemies along the way to find the Cat Shine at the end of the level.

Cold Cove Combat

Ride Plessie all the way back to the piece of land where the pillar that holds the bridge to the lighthouse was found (at the start of the level). Near the pillar itself is a purple button that you can ground pound to trigger the objective. Just defat the Goombas and Piranha Plants to make the Cat Shine appear.

Blue Coin Bustle

Go up the bridge again and up the transparent tube to reach the road going to the lighthouse. Ground pound the blue button that appears to activate this objective.

A good way to go through the course is to avoid all the ramps as this will cause you to miss any blue coins positioned on the left or right of the path. Grab the Cat Shine at the end when you reach the lighthouse.

Key to the Cat Shine

Head back to the start of the skate car course to trigger this objective. You will see the next Cat Shine locked in a cage. Use the skate car power-up next to it and ride all the way through the spiked course again. The key is found in front of the lighthouse.

Hurry! Swim and Slide!

In the water to the lower to the left of the Giga Bell is a mini game that requires you to go through the course while riding Plessie. Clear it to get the Cat Shine at the ennd.

All Cat Shine Locations

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