Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Roiling Roller Isle Cat Shines

A guide and walkthrough on how to get all Roiling Roller Isle Cat Shines in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Included are all objectives to find each Cat Shine collectible, Cat Shine Shards, and strategies to get them.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury - Roiling Roller Isle Cat Shines

Roiling Roller Isle Cat Shines

Make the Lighthouse Shine

The Cat Shine is found in front of the lighthouse. Make your way through the rotating machines that serve as bridges to the location. You can use the Cat Bob-ombs to destroy the bricks along the path or throw them to take out enemies.

When you reach and land on the green rotating machine platform just before the lighthouse, wait for its tall end to come and use it to make it to the lighthouse platform.

Hurry! Hot Cross Run!

The purple button to activate this objective is found at the starting area of Roiling Roller Isle. The mini game simply requires you to reach the end of the course by moving on the blocks above the lava before the time runs out. You can then grab the Cat Shine at the far end on the platform.

Five Cat Shard Shines

  1. The first shard is found on the blue rotating machine platform by moving to the middle section (where you can find a C-shaped part that comes down very close to the lava. You can choose to stand on the C-shaped part or simply jump down on to the shard to get it. Whatever method you use, you will end up on a white platform after grabbing the shard. Wait for the C-shaped part to come around again to get back on the blue rotating platform.
  2. The second shard is also on this same platform. Walk up to the far end of the rotating platform near the edge and you should see the shard. An easy way to get it is to first cross to the static platform on your right and wait for shard to come around on the rotating platform to get it. Be sure to jump back on the static platform before the rotating platform turns all the way to lava.
  3. The third shard is found by taking out the stacked Goombas on the static (flat) platform using the Bob-omb enemy’s bomb.
  4. The fourth shard is found behind a brick wall in the center section of the second blue rotating platform (after the second green one). Pick up a bomb from a Bob-omb to break the wall and get the shard.
  5. The fifth shard is found on the last green rotating platform just before the lighthouse.

Key to the Cat Shine

The key to the Cat Shine is found just in front of the lighthouse. Head to the cage at the beginning of the level and unlock it to get the Cat Shine.

Blast the Fury Blocks

From the Roiling Roller Isle’s starting point, ride Plessie to the large pillar below the lighthouse to find some fury blocks. When Fury Bowser appears, stand in front of the blocks and have Bowser use his flame breath to destroy them. Grab the Cat Shine afterwards.

All Cat Shine Locations

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