Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Fury Bowser Boss Guide

A guide on how to beat Fury Bowser in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Included are information on the area the boss is encountered, related objectives, recommended power-ups, attacks, final boss strategy, and rewards for defeating them.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury - Fury Bowser Boss Guide

Fury Bowser Boss Guide

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Fury Bowser Boss

Fury Bowser is the a recurring boss encountered in the story campaign of Bowser’s Fury. He is an extremely powerful version of Bowser who has grown massively in size and is rampaging all across Lake Lapcat’s islands.

Fury Bowser can only be fought by using the Giga Bell to transform Mario into Giga Cat Mario. This require you to collect Cat Shines throughout the game.

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Areas Encountered Various
Related Objectives
Recommended Power-ups


Attack Countermeasure
Flame Beam Get behind a structure or run to the side to avoid the strafing beam.
Shell Crush Run away and jump to avoid Bowser and the shockwave that follows.
Shell Spin (second encounter onwards) Run away or hit him in Cat Form just as he comes at you. You can also use the shell missiles on the ground to attack him during his spin.
Shell Missiles (third encounter onwards) Run away.
Triple Fireballs (fourth encounter) Run away or to the side.


First Encounter

Fury Bowser will constantly do his shell crush attack by jumping into the air and crushing the ground marked by the red circle. Run away from the circle and get ready to jump to avoid the shockwave that will follow. Do a ground pound on him to damage him afterwards.

If you move to far from Fury Bowser, he will use his Flame Beam that goes from right to left. Run away or get behind a structure to avoid it. Attack Fury Bowser three times to beat him.

Second Encounter

Fury Bowser will gain a shell spin attack during the second fight against him which makes him a bit more agile. Run away and wait until he stops to do a ground pound on him. With enough timing, you can also attack him in cat form just as he comes at you. Aside from his new move, the rest of the fight should be pretty similar to the first.

Third Encounter

Fury Bowser will use yet another new attack in the form of multiple pillars missiles that he launches from above down to targets marked on the ground. Avoid the red circles and wait for him to use his shell spin or shell crush and attack him as he recovers. Note that you can also pick up the pillars and throw them at Bowser.

Fourth Encounter (Final)

The first phase of the final battle against Bowser is just similar to the previous fight. Simply use the pillars when he summons them to attack him from afar and use ground pound when he misses with his shell crush.

The second phase of the fight has Bowser gain some new attacks and variations. He can now shoot three fireballs at you from afar before shooting out rocks that you can throw back at him to damage him. He will also be able to perform a series of three shell crush attacks before stopping so wait for the last one before retaliating with a ground pound.

Fourth Encounter (True Final)

A third phase of the final battle against Bowser triggers afterwards. The fight simply requires you to pursue Bowser while on Plessie and attack him with the Giga Bells inside the sphere. Bowser will use his flame beam and missiles to hit you which can be avoided by dodging them or diving below. Attack him three times with the Giga Bell sphere to defeat him.

If you managed to collect all 100 Cat Shines after defeating Bowser, you will unlock the secret ending which is shown after the game’s credits.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending

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