The DioField Chronicle - Walkthrough and Guide

The DioField Chronicle Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Page containing all main storyline walkthroughs, main quests and sub-quests, boss guides, character unit guides and builds, best units, best abilities and skills, best weapons and accessories, best summons, strategy guides, tips and tricks, post-game unlockables, new game plus unlockables, game databases, cheats, tips and tricks, news and updates, and more. The DioField Chronicle is a single-player, real-time tactics role-playing game developed by Square Enix and Lancarse, and published by Square Enix for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Steam.

News and Updates

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▼News and Updates


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Main Story Walkthroughs

▼Main Story Walkthroughs
Chapter 1: Way of Life Chapter 2: A Stronghold Breached
Chapter 3: Ashes and Glory Chapter 4: Close-Kept Secrets
Chapter 5 Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Post-Game Unlockables
New Game Plus

The DioField Chronicle Main Story Chapter Walkthroughs

Mission Battles

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Chapter 1 Battles

▼Chapter 1 Mission Battles
Rescue Mission End the Bandit Menace
Redditch Estate Recon Coswell Volcano Expedition
The Horace Threat Central Knights’ Exercises
Escort the Archbishop 

Chapter 2 Battles

▼Chapter 2 Mission Battles
Stop the Swarm End the Aardwolves
Manhunt: Hadi Solbey East Field Engagement
Defend Teggaria Base

Chapter 3 Battles

▼Chapter 3 Mission Battles
Escort the Priests Defend Duke Hende
Battle at Grost Crypt Quell the Riots
Recapture Teggaria

Chapter 4 Battles

▼Chapter 4 Mission Battles
Survey for Jade Quell the Riots Again
Rescuing Catherine Go to the South
Kill the Traitor

The DioField Chronicle Mission Battle Walkthroughs and Guides

Boss Guides

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Chapter 1 Bosses

▼Chapter 1 Bosses
Gigas Boss Guide Fenrir Boss Guide

Chapter 2 Bosses

▼Chapter 1 Bosses
? boss ? boss


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All Class Types

▼All Unit Class Types
The DioField Chronicle - Soldier Class IconSoldier Class The DioField Chronicle - Cavalier Class IconCavalier Class
The DioField Chronicle - Sharpshooter Class IconSharpshooter Class The DioField Chronicle - Magicker Class IconMagicker Class

The DioField Chronicle Character Recruitment Guide

Soldier Class Units

▼All Soldier Class Characters
The DioField Chronicle - Andrias Rhondarson Character IconAndrias Rhondarson (Dagger) The DioField Chronicle - Izelair Wigan Character IconIzelair Wigan (Sword & Shield)
The DioField Chronicle - Donovar Sullion Character IconDonovar Sullion (Axe) The DioField Chronicle - Catherine Character IconCatherine (Sword & Shield)

Cavalier Class Units

▼All Cavalier Class Characters
The DioField Chronicle - Fredret Lester Character IconFredret Lester (Lance) The DioField Chronicle - Castevere Bunnow Character IconCastevere Bunnow (Lance)
The DioField Chronicle - Zoruaq Wigan Character IconZoruaq Wigan (Claw) The DioField Chronicle - Chappleman Character IconChappleman (Claw)

Sharpshooter Class Units

▼All Sharpshooter Class Characters
The DioField Chronicle - Iscarion Colchester Character IconIscarion Colchester (Bow) The DioField Chronicle - Rickenback Madea Character IconRickenback Madea (Bow)
The DioField Chronicle - Umarida Bareas Character IconUmarida Bareas (Firearm) The DioField Chronicle - Tremina Umbert Character IconTremina Umbert (Firearm)

Magicker Class Units

▼All Magicker Class Characters
The DioField Chronicle - Waltaquin Redditch Character IconWaltaquin Redditch (Staff) The DioField Chronicle - Shivat Malzin Character IconShivat Malzin (Wand)
The DioField Chronicle - Estalt Yewfare Character IconEstalt Yewfare (Staff) The DioField Chronicle - Hezeliah Shaytham Character IconHezeliah Shaytham (Wand)

Non-Playable Characters

▼All Non-Playable Characters
The DioField Chronicle - Lorraine Lucksaw Character IconLorraine Lucksaw The DioField Chronicle - William Hende Character IconWilliam Hende
The DioField Chronicle - Yulzim Yorden Character IconYulzim Yorden The DioField Chronicle - Zevatian Schugel Character IconZevatian Schugel

The DioField Chronicle Character List

Strategy Guides

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Getting Started

▼All Beginner Guides
Game Editions DLC List and Information
Version Differences PC System Requirements
How Long to Beat Is There Multiplayer?
Does Demo Progress Carry Over? Is There Permadeath?
How to Claim Pre-Order Bonuses How to Transfer Demo Save Data
Game Difficulty Game Controls
Gameplay Features Permanent Events
Tips and Tricks for Early Game Battle System
Attributes Guide Weapon Types
Skill Types Guide Status Effects Guide
Tips for Combat Post-Game Unlockables
New Game Plus (NG+) Guide

Useful Guides

▼All Useful Guides
Trophy and Achievement List Ending Guide
Best Units Best Weapons for each Unit
Best Accessories Best Skills
Best Abilities Fast Leveling Guide
Money Farming Guide Recruitable Unit List and Guide
Best Magilumic Orb Summons How to Earn Ability Points (AP)
How to Earn Skill Points (SP) How to Respec Skills
How to Respec Abilities How to Unlock Practice Battle
All Mercenary Unit Rank Upgrade Quests All Optional Characters List
Can You Save Waltaquin? How to Get Gold and Mythril Nuggets
How to Get Jade Crystals How to Fast Travel at the Base

Game Database

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▼All Weapons
Dagger Weapon List Sword and Shield Weapon List
Axe Weapon List Lance Weapon List
Bow Weapon List Firearm Weapon List
Claw Weapon List Staff Weapon List
Wand Weapon List

All Weapons List


▼All Accessories
Hat Accessory List Bracelet Accessory List
Boot Accessory List Necklace Accessory List
Ring Accessory List

All Accessories List

Mercenary Badges

▼All Accessories
Shop Ranks List Weapon Development Ranks List
Meal Ranks List Skill Tree Ranks List
Magilumic Orb Research Ranks List

All Mercenary Badges Rank List


▼All Items
Item List Material List
Magilumic Orb List


▼All Abilities
Soldier Ability List Cavalier Ability List
Sharpshooter Ability List Magicker Ability List


▼All Skills
Dagger Skill List Sword and Shield List
Axe Skill List Lance Skill List
Bow Skill List Firearm Skill List
Claw Skill List Staff Skill List
Wand Skill List

Square Enix Game Guides

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Final Fantasy X / X-2
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Mana Series

▼All Mana Series Guides
Trials of Mana Remake Echoes of Mana

Other Games

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Game Overview

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The DioField Chronicle (ディオフィールド クロニクル), is a single-player, real-time tactics role-playing game developed by Square Enix and Lancarse. The game is published by Square Enix for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Steam. It is a new JRPG property featuring real-time tactics gameplay with cutting-edge graphics.

The DioField Chronicle - Game Overview

The game was announced last March 2022. The development was composed of staff members from Square Enix and Lancarse led by Hirata Shigeyuki (Square Enix), Kumagai Takahiro (Square Enix), and Fukui Hirofumi (Lancarse).

The DioField Chronicle - Battle System

The DioField Chronicle aims to birth a new simulation RPG with beautiful graphics for both its story and its gameplay experience. The game’s battle system is similar to strategic, real-time battle games like Total War, XCOM, and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. While its base camp and army development systems are reminiscent of the Fire Emblem titles, including Three Houses, Triangle Strategy, and Valkyria Chronicles.


The DioField Chronicle - Story Overview

The DioField Chronicle is set in a fictional war-torn continent, where the Kingdom of Alletain sits in between the conflict of the Trovelt-Schoevian Empire and the Rowetale Alliance. After the Alliance is defeated by the Empire, the latter now sets its sights to conquer the Kingdom.

The DioField Chronicle - Blue Foxes Characters

The game centers on the playable characters of the Blue Foxes, a mercenary group composed of Andrias Rhondarson, Fredret Lester, Izelair Wigan, Iscarion Colchester, and Waltaquin Redditch. The mercenary group will grow over time and new recruit will join.


The DioField Chronicle shares elements from other turn-based and real-time tactics RPGs while having its own new and unique gameplay systems as well. Here is a quick summary of The DioField Chronicle’s unique gameplay:

Real-Time Tactical Battles

The DioField Chronicle - Real-Time Tactical Battles

The game features battles that play out in real time. Unlike turn-based tactical battles, you issue orders to your units simultaneously and change decisions in split seconds in order to adapt and secure a victory. There is no grid-based movement but units move through a waypoint within the map.

The DioField Chronicle - Edit Units Adjutants

You command four active units during a battle and assign the remaining ones as adjutants. The adjutants can carry over their active skills to the active unit they are partnered with.

The DioField Chronicle - Magilumic Orb Goldhorne Summon

In addition, you can use summons like Bahamut and Goldhorne to assist you in clearing your mission. These summon are obtained through Magilumic Orbs and their assistance can be in the form of damage or healing.

The DioField Chronicle - Mission Battle Types

A battle can be in the form of defeating enemies, defending a stronghold, escorting an ally, or capturing strategic points on a map.

Elm Camp

The DioField Chronicle - Elm Camp Base Headquarters

While playing the main story, you will have an assigned base camp to explore called the Elm Camp. There are facilities also available for practice battles, buying consumables, weapons, and accessories, and enhancing active skills and passive abilities. As you progress through the main story, your base camp will develop and more facilities will be unlocked.

The DioField Chronicle - Elm Camp Unit Interaction

Through Sub Quests, you will have a chance to interact with your units stationed within your headquarters and get to know them better.

The DioField Chronicle - Mercenary Unit Rank

You can also upgrade your mercenary unit rank in order to avail yourself of discounts, unlock new weapons, and other bonus effects in battle. Upgrade your rank through clearing quests.

Unit Development

The DioField Chronicle - Elm Camp Shop Buy Weapons

As mentioned earlier, your headquarters will feature facilities that will assist in the growth of your units. Learn new skills by buying weapons. Enhance the stats and attributes of your units by purchasing new gear and accessories from the Elm Camp Shop.

The DioField Chronicle - Elm Camp Institute Skill Enhancement

Upgrade the active skills of your units through the Elm Camp’s Institute. Gain and exchange Skill Points (SP) to upgrade active skills.

The DioField Chronicle - Edit Units Ability Enhancement

Enhance your units’ passive abilities through the Unit Ability feature. Gain and exchange Ability Points (AP) to unlock new abilities or upgrade them.

Game Trailers

The DioField Chronicle – Demo Announcement Trailer

Source: PlayStation Youtube Channel

The DioField Chronicle – Release Date Trailer

Source: Square Enix NA Youtube Channel

The DioField Chronicle – Debut Trailer

Source: Square Enix NA YouTube Channel

Game Information

Title The DioField Chronicle (WW)
Genre Single-player / Real-time Tactics / Tactical role-playing
Platform and System Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Steam
Developer Square Enix and Lancarse
Publisher Square Enix
Release date September 20, 2022 (Early Day Access), September 22, 2022 (All Platforms)
Official Website