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How to Farm Gems Fast Reroll Guide
How to Get SS Rouge How to Farm Money
How to Farm Weapons How to Farm Armor
How to Farm Accessories How to Farm Gold Pieces
How to Get Secret Books Leveling Guide
Egg Clearing Exchange House Sacred Stones
Best Quests for Training Cave Training
Raising Back Ability Values Best Styles for Cave Training
Gacha Rerolling Style Ranking Zweig Battle Festival Guide
How to Improve Combat Performance

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Attacker Defender Supporter

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Sword Large Sword Axe
Club Spear Cane


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Game Overview

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Game Overview

Romancing Saga Re Universe is a role-playing mobile gacha game featuring characters from the Romancing Saga franchise. Gameplay is centered on collectible characters called “Styles”, each with their own unique skills, abilities, and roles to fill in a party.

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Game Overview

Romancing Saga Re Universe employs classic RPG elements such as turned-based combat, world exploration, and an epic fantasy storyline. Players can take on quests, daily missions, and special events to earn and upgrade their Styles and equipment.

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Game Overview

The main currency of Romancing Saga Re Universe are jewels. These are mainly used to summon Styles, allowing the player to expand their roster of heroes to take on main story quests, side missions, and special events. Clearing quests and missions grant you Style EXP which can be used to enhance Styles and gain new abilities.

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Game Overview

Game Trailer

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Product Information

Game Romancing Saga Re Universe
Genre Role-playing
Platform iOS, Android
Developer Akatsuki, Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Release date June 23, 2020
Official Website