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Latest News and Updates

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Game Release and DLC Information Now Available

  • Square Enix releases the pre-order details and the DLC packages available for players both in Japan and worldwide. READ MORE…

Game Release Date Announced

  • Left Alive is scheduled for release in 2019 on February 28 in Japan and March 5 worldwide as confirmed by Square Enix.

Left Alive Walkthrough

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Main Story Walkthroughs

Chapter 1 – Left Alive Chapter 2 – The Restless
Chapter 3 – Aimless Wandering Chapter 4- Destined to Cross
Chapter 5 – The Man in Reminiscene Chapter 6 – The Price of Trading
Chapter 7 – Tangled Up Speculation Chapter 8 – Dangerous Waters
Chapter 9 – Farewell Chapter 10 – Beyond the Dark
Chapter 11 – Breakthrough Chapter 12 – What to Protect
Chapter 13 – Bottom of the Ninth Chapter 14 – Do or Die

Side Missions Walkthroughs

▼Side Missions
Chapter 1 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 10
Chapter 11 Side Mission Part 1Chapter 11 Chapter 12
Chapter 13 Chapter 14

Left Alive Useful Guides

Useful Guides
How to Defeat Enemy Soldiers Easily

Left Alive Characters

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Left Alive Characters

Left Alive - Mikhail IconMikhail Schwarov Left Alive - Olga IconOlga Kalinina
Left Alive - Leonid IconLeonid Ostermann Left Alive - Ruslan IconRuslan Izmailov
Left Alive - Sofia IconSofia Alexeva Left Alive - Ivan IconIvan Zajtsev
Left Alive - Patrick IconPatrick Lemaire Left Alive - Andrei IconAndrei Borodin
Left Alive - Urea IconUrea Smirnova

Character List

Game Features

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Countries Enemies

Basic Features

Basic Features
Game Controls Battle System
Weapons List Items
Wanzers Crafting
Story Choices Koshka
Online Features Item Box and Carry Weight
Enemy Types

Game Information

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What is Left Alive?

The next title in the Front Mission series

Left Alive is a third-person, survival, action, shooting game set in the world of Front Mission, a series of military science fiction games first launched on the Super Nintendo in 1995. The series spawned multiple follow-ups across a variety of platforms afterward.

Front Mission’s iconic mechas, called Wanzers, are set to appear in Left Alive as well. The game continues the tradition of incorporating real-world countries with fictional characters and events. Left Alive’s narrative is set in Russia in the fictional city of Novo Slava.

Third-Person Survival Action

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Left Alive adopts third-person, survival-action gameplay. Combat is experienced both on foot, aboard various vehicles, and aboard Wanzers.

When fighting on foot, the player uses various firearms, turrets, and remote bombs. Enemies can be dealt with using direct approaches or stealth.

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Gigantic mechas called “Wanzers”

Left Alive Wiki Guide Overview

A staple of the Front Mission series is the giant robots called Wanzers.

Wanzers are humanoid robots similar to those popular in military science fiction anime like Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross, and Code Geass. Players can customize and equip their Wanzers with a variety of parts. This includes weapons and armor to improve the equipped’s performance in battle.

Various developers from acclaimed science fiction works like Takayuki Yanase (Ghost in the Shell,) Toshiumi Nabeshima (Armored Core,) and Yoji Shinkawa (Metal Gear Solid) have teamed up to design the game’s war-torn world.

Story progression depends on player choices

Scene where soldiers are about to be shot
“Don’t shoot!” “Shoot me!”
Left Alive GameplaySoldiers will be shot. Left Alive GameplaySoldiers will be spared.

Left Alive’s story changes according to the choices players make throughout the game. Players can either decide to adopt hostile or pacifistic behavior, particularly when deciding whether to kill or spare enemies encountered, to experience different events in the game.

Players will also be able to decide which battlefields they intend to participate in.


Left Alive Story

The story of Left Alive is set during the events of a military invasion in Novo Slava in 2127. The game will be told through the perspective of three separate characters. Each of the characters is faced with their own struggles and decisions throughout the war.

Leonid Osterman

Left Alive Leonid

The first character seen in the game’s trailer appears as a veteran soldier on the snowy battlefields. It is assumed Leonid will be faced with head-on encounters against enemy forces during the game’s story. Leonid was a member of a violent liberation group and was arrested after being framed for murder.


Left Alive Mikhail

Another character revealed in the trailer who appears as a young soldier, Mikhail is implied to have a possible conflict with himself or with the faction he belongs to. Mikhail’s pilot suit indicates that he has experience piloting Wanzers despite his young age.

Olga Kalinina

Left Alive Olga

The female character shown in the trailer appears to be a police captain investigating the mysterious disappearances of several Novo Slava citizens. Her mission takes her deep into events involving her officers.

Game Trailer

Source: PlayStation Youtube Channel

Game Left Alive
Genre Shooter
Platform PlayStation 4 / Microsoft Windows
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Release date March 5, 2019
Official Website https://left-alive.square-enix-games.com/en