13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - Cloud Sync Keyword Locations

A list of all cloud sync keywords in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, including the Recollection routes they are obtained and how to get them.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - Cloud Sync Keyword Locations

Cloud Sync Keyword Locations

Please note that information here is taken from Japanese sources. We will update this page when the English version of the game comes out.

Juro Kurabe Recollection Scenarios

Route Keywords How to Obtain
Prologue Kuta Shiba, Video Tape, Iori Fuyusaka, Example Video, Shu Amiguchi, Bunch of Prints, Tone, Monster Daimos Automatically obtained during the prologue
Isurou Earth Visitor CS: Example Video to Kuta Shiba (Classroom after School)
UFO War CS: Earth Visitor to Kuta Shiba (Classroom after School)
Monster Daimos Get your bag after talking to Kuta Shiba three times (Classroom after School)
Problem of the Kurabe Family Talk to Shiba after talking to Natsuno Minami (Student Cafeteria)
Chopsticks for Two Take the chopsticks after turning off the TV (Recollection of Natsuno Coming Home)
Akum Resting Place in the School Yard Eavesdrop near the girls until they talk about Amiguchi (Classroom after School)
Canned Juice Talk to Amiguchi after talking to Shiba several times (Amiguchi’s House)
Awesome Dream Talk to Amiguchi after examining the bookshelf (Amiguchi’s House)
Juro Izumi Bunch of Prints Examine the teacher’s desk (Classroom after School)
Megumi Yakushiji Talk to Megumi Yakushiji (Corridor)
Izumi Eavesdrop on Megumi Yakushiji and Renya Gouto at the landing by the stairs
Aiga Science Room Talk to Iori Fuyusaka (Corridor)
Renya Gouto After watching the cutscene (Recollection of Cleaning the Science Room)
Dream of a Shootout Talk to Iori Fuyusaka after putting the beaker in the cupboard (Recollection of Cleaning the Science Room)
Nichijo (Leave the Infirmary) Juro Izumi CS: Izumi to Ryoko Shinonome (Infirmary)

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