13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - Ei Sekigahara Pilot Guide


Character information for Ei Sekigahara in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Included is the character's bio in the game.

13 Sentinels Aegis Rim - Ei Sekigahara Character Information

Ei Sekigahara

Ei is a nonchalant young man who suffers from amnesia. After regaining consciousness, he found a woman’s corpse. Due to his mysterious origin, he is being located by men in suits. He wanders the streets in search of clues that could help him recall his past.

He is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa (JP).

Biographical Information

Nickname Amnesiac on the Run
Combat Type Melee
Affiliation 1st Generation Soldiers

Ei Sekigahara Recollection Walkthrough

Pilot Skills

Rank Name Effect Availability
5 Cycling Boosts mobility when getting off the soldiers.
10 Left alone Boosts attack and WT recovery when there are no nearby allies.
15 Infighter Fighting attacks deal more damage when you are closer to the monster.
20 Marksman Boosts the chance of landing critical hits on aerial monsters.
25 Movement was cut off Have a chance to dodge melee attacks.
30 Are you safe, Iori? When Fuyusaka’s HP goes down, boosts WT recovery.


Type Stats Effect
Armor HP ↑, DEF ↑ Improves the Sentinel’s armor. Have a chance to negate attacks.
Generator EP ↑, ATK ↑ Improves the sentinel’s power core. Raises EP recovery.
FCS ATK ↑, ACC ↑ Improves the fire control system. Raises critical damage.
Actuator SPD ↑, DEF ↑ Improves the sentinel’s drive train. Raises mobility.
Neurolink ACC ↑, SPD ↑ Improves the sentinel’s neural synchronization system. Lowers brain load.

Weapon Skills

Skill Effect Rank POW WT
Rush Fire an onslaught using both arms. Deals damage to grounded enemies several times. 1 800 x 4 3 seconds
Demonstration blade Uses a one-armed sledge hammer to bludgeon the grounded monster. Causes heavy damage and ignores armor 1 80 x 36 4 seconds
Anti-air defense flare Scatters flares in the air to hit aerial monsters 1 10 4 seconds
Lasts for 20 seconds
Leap attack Shakes the spot and causes a shockwave to hit the grounded enemies. 1 450 3 seconds
EMP attractor Draws the attention of enemies using an electromagnetic pulse. Knocks down aerial enemies 1 110 3 seconds
Lasts for 10 seconds
Tackle Charges at approaching grounded enemies 1 500 4 seconds
EMP sounding Releases an electromagnetic pulse that stops movement and attracts monsters. Knocks down aerial monsters. 1 400 3 seconds
Lasts for 10 seconds
Limiter Doubles speed and health and reduces limiter and halves durability. 1 0 15 seconds
Forced cooling Improved cooling system hastens recovery by 30% 1
Grounded multi-lock missile Launches missiles randomly on grounded enemies. 1 220 x 12 5 seconds

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