13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - Nenji Ogata Pilot Guide


Character information for Nenji Ogata in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Included is the character's bio in the game.

13 Sentinels Aegis Rim - Nenji Ogata Character Information

Nenji Ogata

Nenji embraced the thug life but deep down cares for others. He would rather settle disputes with his fists and then justify them afterward. After becoming part of a conspiracy, he struggles coping with geek speak. Although he embraced the thug life, deep down he cares for others.

He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki (JP).

Biographical Information

Nickname Loyal Punk
Combat Type 1st Generation Soldiers
Affiliation Melee

Nenji Ogata Recollection Walkthrough

Pilot Skills

Rank Name Effect Availability
5 I’ll show you guts When an attack causes the HP of the sentinel to reach 0, the sentinel endures with 1 HP remaining.
10 Not enough rampage Defeat a monster temporarily hastens the WT recovery.
15 Ora ora! Every time you attack a monster with rush, grants a boost in rush’s damage.
20 I’m not sorry After reaching a certain damage threshold, the sentinel launches a counter attack on surrounding enemies.
25 Did you make me angry? Boosts attack power when HP decreases.
30 I can’t forgive you When Tomi sustains damage, drastically boosts the attack power for a certain amount of time.


Type Stats Effect
Armor HP ↑, DEF ↑ Improves the Sentinel’s armor. Have a chance to negate attacks.
Generator EP ↑, ATK ↑ Improves the sentinel’s power core. Raises EP recovery.
FCS ATK ↑, ACC ↑ Improves the fire control system. Raises critical damage.
Actuator SPD ↑, DEF ↑ Improves the sentinel’s drive train. Raises mobility.
Neurolink ACC ↑, SPD ↑ Improves the sentinel’s neural synchronization system. Lowers brain load.

Weapon Skills

Skill Effect Rank POW WT
Rush Fire an onslaught using both arms. Deals damage to grounded enemies several times. 1 800 x 4 3 seconds
Leap attack Shakes the spot and causes a shockwave to hit the grounded enemies. 1 450 3 seconds
Demonstration blade Uses a one-armed sledge hammer to bludgeon the grounded monster. Causes heavy damage and ignores armor. 1 80 x 36 4 seconds
Anti-air defense flare Scatters flares in the air to hit aerial monsters 1 10 4 seconds
Lasts for 20 seconds
Tackle Charges at approaching grounded enemies 1 500 4 seconds
EMP attractor Draws the attention of enemies using an electromagnetic pulse. Knocks down aerial enemies. 1 110 3
Lasts for 10 seconds
Defense Shifts to defensive stance. Enhances durability by 4 times and reduces mobility by 1/3. 1 0 20 seconds
Limiter Doubles speed and health and reduces limiter and halves durability. 1 0 15 seconds
Grounded multi-lock missile Launches missiles randomly on grounded enemies. 1 220 x 12 5 seconds
Hyper condenser Improves condenser to improve blade’s range and increases hits. 1 Raises EP from 150 to 300

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