13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - Megumi Yakushiji Pilot Guide

Sentinel Pilot Guide for Megumi Yakushiji in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Included are an overview of the pilot, unlocking conditions, pilot skills, weapons armaments, best weapons, and pilot combinations and synergy effects.

13 Sentinel: Aegis Rim - Megumi Yakushiji Pilot Guide

Megumi Yakushiji in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

13 Sentinel: Aegis Rim - Megumi Yakushiji Pilot Guide Megumi is a timid but caring young girl. She is a talented cook and prepares food for her loved ones every day. She dotes Juro who has forgotten the memories they shared. In hopes of reconnecting with her lover, she forms a pact through the encouragement of a peculiar talking cat.

She is voiced by Maaya Uchida (JP) and Cristina Vee (EN).

Character Overview

Nickname Steadfast Guardian
Combat Type Flight Support Type Sentinel, No.21
Affiliation 4th Generation Pilot
How to Unlock Clear Beginning of the End Wave 4 Destruction Battle.

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Pilot Information

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Pilot Base Stats


Pilot Skills

Pilot Skill Pilot Level Pilot Skill Effect
My Sole Best Friend Level 5 If Kisaragi is in the strike team, WT recovery speed increases.
This Time, I’ll Save You Level 10 If Kurabe is in the strike team, all stats are increased.
Used to Loneliness Level 15 Increases all stats when no allies are nearby.
Hidden Girl Power Level 20 After defending, EP slightly recovers for male allies and HP slightly recovers for female allies.
Watch Me, Juro! Level 25 Attack significantly increases when Kurabe is nearby.
Look out, Juro! Level 30 Increases WT recovery speed whenever Kurabe’s HP decreases.

Pilot Combination and Synergy Effects

All Pilot Combinations and Synergy Effects

Sentinel Information

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Sentinel Upgrades

Sentinel Upgrade Stat Upgrades Sentinel Upgrade Effect
Armor HP ↑, DEF ↑ Improves the Sentinel’s armor. Has a chance to negate attacks.
Generator EP ↑, ATK ↑ Improves the sentinel’s power core. Raises EP recovery.
FCS ATK ↑, ACC ↑ Improves the fire control system. Raises critical damage.
Actuator SPD ↑, DEF ↑ Improves the sentinel’s drive train. Raises mobility.
Neurolink ACC ↑, SPD ↑ Improves the sentinel’s neural synchronization system. Lowers brain load.

Weapon Armaments

All Weapon Armaments and Upgrades

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