13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - Megumi Yakushiji Pilot Guide

Character information for Megumi Yakushiji in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Included is the character's bio in the game.

13 Sentinels Aegis Rim - Megumi Yakushiji Character Information

Megumi Yakushiji

Megumi is a timid but caring young girl. She is a talented cook and prepares food for her loved ones every day. She dotes Juro who has forgotten the memories they shared. In hopes of reconnecting with her lover, she forms a pact through the encouragement of a peculiar talking cat.

She is voiced by Maaya Uchida (JP).

Biographical Information

Nickname Steadfast Guardian
Combat Type Flight Support
Affiliation 4th Generation Soldiers

Megumi Yakushiji Recollection Walkthrough

Pilot Skills

Rank Name Effect Availability
5 For my best friend Boosts WT recovery when Kisaragi is on the offensive.
10 I’ll protect you Boosts all stats if the offensive team has Juro.
15 I’m used to it Boosts all stats when allies are not nearby.
20 Woman’s intuition Slightly restores men’s EP and women’s HP after the defensive turn.
25 Look over Juro If Juro is close by, drastically boosts attack
30 Juro, it’s too dangerous! When Juro’s HP goes down, boosts WT recovery


Type Stats Effect
Armor HP ↑, DEF ↑ Improves the Sentinel’s armor. Have a chance to negate attacks.
Generator EP ↑, ATK ↑ Improves the sentinel’s power core. Raises EP recovery.
FCS ATK ↑, ACC ↑ Improves the fire control system. Raises critical damage.
Actuator SPD ↑, DEF ↑ Improves the sentinel’s drive train. Raises mobility.
Neurolink ACC ↑, SPD ↑ Improves the sentinel’s neural synchronization system. Lowers brain load.

Weapon Skills

Skill Effect Rank POW WT
Pulse arm laser Shoots a beam on a specified spot which causes damage and ignores armor 1 50 x 16 5 seconds
Shield matrix Summons a barrier that nullifies monster attacks 1 6 seconds
Flare Torpedo Plants a mine on a specified spot. Detonates when stepped on.
Effect: 5 seconds
1 50 6 seconds
Lasts for 10 seconds
Multi-lock missile Shoots missiles randomly. Reduces monsters’ mobility 1 45 x 35 4 seconds
Lasts for 6 seconds
2 47 x 38 4 seconds
Lasts for 6 seconds
Forced cooling Improved cooling reduces recovery by 30% 1
Shield regen Grants a barrier for all allies that restores 30% HP 1 6 seconds
Lasts for 6 seconds
Gravity missile Fires a missile that draws the attention of monsters 1 6 seconds
Lasts for 6 seconds
Hyper condenser Deploys more interceptors 1 EP rises from 250 to 400
Interceptor Summons 4 drones that auto attack monsters and ignores armor
Drone’s HP: 100
1 90 x 16 7 seconds

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