Echoes of Mana - Angela -Rebelling Against Fate- Ally Banner Guide

Ally character banner guide about Angela -Rebelling Against Fate- in Echoes of Mana. Included are basic information on the ally banner, base and max stats, stat builds, and skills.

Echoes of Mana - Angela -Rebelling Against Fate- Ally Banner Guide

Angela -Rebelling Against Fate- Ally Banner Guide in Echoes of Mana

Echoes of Mana - Angela -Rebelling Against Fate- Ally Banner Icon

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Ally Banner Name Angela -Rebelling Against Fate-
Rarity ★★★
Tier Ranking ? Tier
Element Fire
Weapon Type Staff
Base Weapon ? Staff
Game Origin Trials of Mana
How to Acquire via Gacha
Best Ally Characters Overall Best Tutorial Harvest Ally Characters

Angela -Rebelling Against Fate- Stats

Base Stats (at Level 1)

149 144 68 60 90 86 38

Max Stats (at Level 70)

1,285 237 567 525 666 639 89

Stat Builds

Build Recommended Stats to Boost
Pure Magic-type Angela 3★ ↑MP, ↑INT, ↑LCK

Angela -Rebelling Against Fate- Skills

Skill/Technique Base MP Cost Type
Sweeping Rush
  • None
  • Special Technique
  • Deals staff M.DMG (DMG boosts by STLv.).
  • A 4-hit combo.
Bash Back
  • 25 MP / 20 MP
  • Skill
  • Deals staff M.DMG (DMG boosts by SLv.).
  • A 2-hit combo.
  • 30 MP / 25 MP
  • Skill
  • Deals fire M.DMG (DMG boosts by SLv.).
  • A 3-hit combo.
Support Skill 1
  • N/A
  • Support Skill
  • [Self/Paired Ally] Fire DMG: +10% (Continuous).

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