Left Alive - Chapter 1 – Side Missions Walkthrough

Information and walkthrough for the chapter 1 side missions of Left Alive. Included are basics on how to rescue the civilians lost in Novo Slava.

Chapter 1 Survivor Rescue Side Mission

Chapter 1 – Side Mission Walkthrough

At the start of chapter 1, the player will encounter civilians lost and scared within Novo Slava. The player has to bring them to safety separate from accomplishing their main missions. There are some Novo Slava civilians held captive, so enemy engagement cannot be avoided.

Bring Civilians to the Shelter

In chapter 1, you are guided to bring civilians or survivors to shelters. These shelters are marked blue on the player’s map. Each shelter can accept up to two civilians. However, there are shelters that can only accept one civilian as well. This shortage of shelter space will be apparent in the Chapter 6 side mission.

Civilians can be Killed by Gunfire

Chapter 1 Side Mission Part 2

Civilians can be killed by enemy gunfire, so the player needs to be careful when moving around the battlefield. They don’t have combat capabilities, so you need to position them in safe locations. It is up to the player to engage or avoid the enemy while heading to shelters.

Rescue Captive Civilians

Chapter 1 Side Mission Part 3

In the later chapters of Left Alive, the player will encounter civilians held captive by the enemy, so engagement is unavoidable.

Successful Rescue is Confirmed by the Database

Chapter 1 Side Mission Part 4

Every civilian or survivor you rescue’s profile will appear on the player’s menu and database.

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