Left Alive - Chapter 11 Side Missions Walkthrough

Information and walkthrough for the Chapter 11 Side Missions in Left Alive. Included are tips on how to complete the Hysteric Girl side quest.

Chapter 11 Side Missions Walkthrough

Do Not Open (Susanna)

1.) Examine the locker  to trigger “Option 1”

Option 1 Result
“I will leave it.”
“Is it just me?” Proceed to “Option 2”
Option 2 Result
“There is no choice but to leave it.”
“There is no choice but to force it open.” It can be rescued

2.) Go back to the shelter

A Step to Freedom (Veronica)

1.) Choices appear when speaking to the woman.
You can rescue her by choosing to ask for her name as the second choice
2.) Lead to the shelter.

An Important Daughter

1.) Occurs after completing the “A Step to Freedom” sub-quest
Choices appear when speaking to the man
You can rescue him if you choose the option to meet your daughter
2.) Go to the shelter

Fire Place Thief

1.) Occurs after an item exchange
[ Point ]
If you select “yes,” you will be able to rescue him
2.) Head to the Shelter

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  1. Fuck this guide. You never mentioned in chapter 6 that you had to speak to the man after the Wanzer fight to have him appear in chapter. Now i get to chapter 10 and realize I missed a survivor. Don’t bother writing guides if you’re gonna leave out big imortoant details

  2. Veronika choices:
    1. Ask for name
    2. Pops was looking for you (say nothing also starts the shelter route but not sure of consequences)
    3. “were you hoping he was dead?”
    4. “What are you gonna do?”