Left Alive - Chapter 2 – The Restless Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Chapter 2 - The Restless in Left Alive, including objectives, obtainable items, weapons, boss strategies, and archive locations.

Chapter 2 – The Restless Walkthrough

  1. Approach the soldier.
  2. Go down the street for an event in the back.
  3. Go to the save point at the S-5 control section.
  4. Talk with the survivors in the farmhouse.
  5. Head to the abandoned hospital.

Head to the checkpoint

From the starting point, approach the soldier at the checkpoint.

Investigate the vicinity

An event will occur after you arrive at the furthest part of the path. Don’t forget to collect the Archive along the way.

Escape to the slums

From your location, take the front road to the slums. There will now be enemies in your path after the vent. Aside from enemy soliders, there will also be drones flying about. Be careful not to be spotted below.

When you arrive in the slums, proceed to the S-5 control section. You can avoid being detected by using the car found immediately after entering the slums as cover. Be more careful, since there are more enemies compared to the previous chapter.

Look for survivors

You need to find survivors when you progress to the S-5 depot’s save point. Head for the farmhouse to find the survivors and a save point.

You will come across an enemy Wanzer patrolling the street. Move quickly to avoid being spotted.

Find clues in the abandoned hospital

When you have found the survivors in the farmhouse, you will be directed to the abandoned hospital. First, head for the ruins in the north while guiding the survivors to the shelter. Pick up the WSG-28 SC shotgun in the ruins.

Events to Occur

The Pitfalls of Trading

The objective is to guide the survivors from the farmhouse to the shelter. Take out the enemy soldier along the way with the metal pipe.

Approaching Muzzle

Before going to the muzzle’s location, you can head back to the farmhouse to save. After saving, proceed to the muzzle’s location along the river that flows north. It will take awhile to reach the location and the survivors may likely die along the way.

After you regain control after the cutscene, you will need to take out two enemy soldiers in the area. You can down them quickly by performing a sliding attack to knock them off their feet before finishing them off with a trample attack. You can systematically pick them off if they gather together as well. This method makes it easy even as you are guiding the survivors to the shelter.

When you arrive at the shelter, there will be a drone and Wanzer waiting for you. Give the survivors instructions on when to move by timing the window when the enemies do not notice you.

Note that the item box in the material storage may be found by enemy soldiers while you are looking for it (the time in the game does not stop).


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Archive Locations

Item Location
Archive Next to the surveillance tower.
Archive Exit the farmhouse and right.
Archive From the S-5 control section to the north river, near the bridge.
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