Left Alive - Chapter 8 Side Missions Walkthrough

Information and walkthrough for the Chapter 8 Side Missions in Left Alive. Included are tips on how to complete the Hysteric Girl side quest.

Chapter 8 Side Missions Walkthrough

My Sweet Honey (Gavaillele Markovsky)

1.) In “Hysteric Girl,” select the option “he is also with me.”
2.) Talk to the man outside the hospital.
3.) Lead to the shelter and clear

Hysteric Girl (Risa Alder Nova)

1.) Speak to Risa Alder Nova and choose “He is also with me” in the options.

Option 1 Result
“I can not afford that much”
“I will help you”
“He is also with me” Continue “My Sweet Honey”

2.) Lead to the shelter and clear.

Embarrassing Woman (Nonna Pochelevina)

(Occurs when clearing “the Wicked Woman” in Chapter 6)

1.) Speak to Nonna Pochelevina


Option 1 Result
“You were in front?” Proceed to “Option 2”
“Why are you here!?”
Option 2 Result
“To any shelter” Continue “Worrying Woman”
“Do not get burned!”
Are you okay?”

2.) Lead to shelter and clear.

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