Left Alive - Chapter 3 – Side Missions Walkthrough

Information and walkthrough for the Chapter 3 Side Missions in Left Alive. Included are tips on how to rescue the civilians lost in Novo Slava.

Chapter 3 Side Missions Walkthrough


Chapter 3 Side Missions

1.)This event occurs when you get out of the underground water.

2.)Defeat the two enemy soldiers before they can kill the survivors.

3.)Once you speak to the three survivors, you will receive the “Light of Salvation,” “Hero Who Appeared,” and “Light of Hope” side missions.

Light of Salvation (Spiridon Pimenov)

Chapter 3 Side Missions

1.)Escort survivors to shelters

Hero Who Appeared (Robert Goltof)

1.)Escort survivors to shelters

Desired Thread (Miron Usuchugov)

1.)Escort survivors to shelters

Lost Everyday (Illiuda Silkotkina)

Chapter 3 Side Missions

1.)The Option 1 event occurs once you speak to Illiuda Silkotkina

Option 1 Result
“What?” Goes to Option 2
“What do you mean?”
“I’m sorry.”
Option 2 Result
“It’s impossible.” Goes to Option 3
“Give up.”
“Stop it.”
Option 3 Result
“It is meaningless to die.”
“I’ll do it.”
Option 4 Result
“Don’t die.” Side mission continues
“Let go of the gun.” Side mission failed

2.)Order the ladies to stay and defeat the three soldiers at the park.

3.)Get on the Wanzer and defeat the remaining enemies.

4.)Return to the park and kill three soldiers and lead the survivors to the shelter.


If you do not do #4 quickly, the survivors will die.

5.)Kill the soldier in front of the shelter.

Warrior’s Patience (Pavlo Pasteuf)

Chapter 3 Side Missions

1.)Go to the objective and speak to Pavlo Pasteuf. The Option 1 event occurs.

Option 1 Result
“I don’t have it.” Goes to Option 2
“No extra.”
“I have.”
Option 2 Result
“(First Aid)” Goes to Option 3
“I won’t hand it over.”
Option 3 Result
“Don’t push yourself.” Goes to Option 4
“That’s the spirit.”
Option 4 Result
I don’t have a hand.”
“I can’t give it to you.” Side mission complete
“Oh no.” Side mission failed


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