Left Alive - Chapter 12 – What to Protect Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Chapter 12 - What to Protect in Left Alive, including objectives, obtainable items, weapons, boss strategies, and archive locations.

Chapter 12 – Girl’s Way

Search for Urea

Left Alive Chapter 12 Walkthrough

  1. You can initiate the Side Mission Relief to Friends x5


If you do not defeat the enemies around the Wanzer, you will need to defeat the Wanzer in Chapter 13.

  1. Kill one of the enemies to obtain the Zakorn (Rocket Launcher).

  2. Get the items in the Item Box of ZET. Inc.


Items Obtained in the Box
First Aid Kit x3 Medical Kit x2 Resuscitation Agent x2
Frag Grenade x2 Smoke Grenade x3 EMP Grenade x2
Crossbow Bolt x5 Explosive x10 Mobile Terminal x10
Handgun Bullet x26 Assault Rifle Bullets x135 Shotgun Bullet x30
Submachine Gun Bullets x220 Magnum Bullets x9


You can save on the 2nd floor by the stairs on the right.

  1. An Event will occur when you reach the 3rd floor of ZET. Inc.
Option 1 Result
“I don’t know.”
“That doesn’t matter.”
“I am here.” Go to Option 2
Option 2 Result
“I want to be saved.”
“I want to save that child.” Go to Option 3
“I want to help you.”
Option 3 Result
“I will do it.” Same results for either choice.
“I will not run away.”
  1. Side Mission Relief to Friends.


You can easily take out targets in the area using sniper rifles and gatling guns.

  1. Get the items in the Item Box.
Items Obtained in the Box
First Aid Kit x1 Medical Kit x1 Frag Grenade x1
EMP Grenade x1 Explosive x6 Mobile Terminal x6
Hangdun Bullet x12 Assault Rifle Bullets x45 Shotgun Bullet x12
Submachine Gun Bullets x90

Chapter 12 – The Future Entrusted to Us

Left Alive Chapter 12 Walkthrough

  1. Kill the enemy and obtain the missile launcher.
  2. Take out the Wanzer with the missile launcher.


The Wanzer can be downed with 4 or 5 shots from the missile launcher.

  1. After taking care of the enemies, a cutscene will occur and Chapter 12 will be cleared.


Choosing “It is not good” will result in Yulia dying. To keep her alive, select “Don’t leave me alone” and “I’ll do it”.

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