Left Alive - Weapons List

A list of obtainable weapons in Left Alive, including details on each and which enemies they are effective against.

Left Alive Weapons List


Weapon Type Ammo Details
WSG-28 SC Shotgun
P3 Pistol

Melee Weapons

Weapon Details
Metal Pipe Common melee weapon found in various areas.

Gadgets and Traps

Weapon Details
Electric Shock Wire Restricts enemy movement for a brief period and paralyzes them.
IED Mine
Auto Turret Can be deployed to attack enemies within its range. Effective against airborne drones. Multiple turrets can be deployed.

Throwing Weapons

Weapon Details
Tin Can
Throwing Knife
Molotov Cocktail
Warning Flare
Remote-controlled Bomb Can be set up and detonated remotely. Effective against tanks and Wanzers.
Smoke Bomb Thrown at enemies to temporarily disrupt their vision. Good to use as an escape tool when surrounded.

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